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It starts with a letter to David Bowie, then to JJ Annead-director of Quest for fire- then  a message i was given.

Hello David,


I informally met you at the Ritz club in New York City on June 9 1982. I went with my friend Mick Zangl. You were with your friend Mick Jagger and the band playing at the Ritz were the Professionals. You and Mick caused quite a distraction with your presence at the balcony level. I decided to come up to the balcony level and catch a glance of you and Mick. There was a crowd of many people around you and Mick, amazing how excited some people get when in the midst of stars. You guys were trying to have a good time, but the crowd was intense. I simply stood on the outskirts of the fans of at least several people thick, I caught my glimpse of the two big stars and I was happy, I was about to leave as my eyes were looking away, you pushed your way through the crowd and tapped me on the shoulder. You looked me straight in the eye and said “Princeton……right” in a confident way. Well, I never been to Princeton university and immediately I figured you have me mixed up with someone else, so I was speechless as I didn’t know what to tell you. So you said it again “Princeton”. I don’t know why I said “yes”, but I did, I guess to make you feel happy that your memory was correct and I was simply some student or someone from Princeton that you met in your many travels. When I said yes to you, you seemed very happy and nodded to yourself and made your way back to the table where Mick was sitting. I always remembered this moment as it was the only time in my young life at that time and still is when a major celebrity made contact with me, even though he thought I was someone else. It was memorable to me.


Well, I went about my life with no connection to Princeton University until the year 2003. All my life my pursuits were of science. Since I was a teenager I said to myself I was going to control gravity with some kind of machine I would build. Well, after many years of trial and error with various machines I had to stop as it was taking a major toll on my health and financial state. The great majority of my work is built upon the theory of relativity by Albert Einstein. I decided to go to Princeton University just to walk the halls in which my favorite scientist had taught in his life here in America. It was a personal connection for me and It felt good just to visit his old classroom and visited his teacher office. I had no intention whatsoever in what followed as my only purpose was to visit the school where Einstein had taught. I got this crazy idea that I would write all my ideas on the blackboard in his old classroom in which he taught. Like a “mad scientist” I wrote all my ideas on the entire width of the blackboard, from one side of the room to the other I wrote my attempt at unifying physics, something Einstein tried to do along with many physicists, a goal in physics in which has not been done to this day. I titled the writings” Einstein did unify physics” as I believed I have uncovered some things not known in his time. It was my way of closing this chapter of my life or at least taking a break from gravity for awhile.


That is my Princeton story. In the course of my investigations on gravity, I discovered a way to attempt  nuclear fusion. What this means is that the energy crisis will be eliminated with an unlimited and clean source of fuel for our children and all eternity. The fuel in my system is WATER.  Hydrogen and oxygen. If that sounds amazing to you, tell me what in this universe is not amazing. To continue, I recently seen a movie called the Prestige. I was told that it was YOU who played the part of Nikola Tesla.


Well my friend, my name is Sam Azar and I have discovered the greatest invention since the caveman used two sticks to make fire. "Not two sticks,  but two electrodes". An unlimited and clean fuel for mankind to advance into the 21st century. I conducted my first real experiment on Palm Sunday this past April. In a nut shell, I have demonstrated the power of a lightning bolt to resonate inside Water itself. The driving force in my system is Nikola Tesla’s Induction COIL! INVENTED BY NIKOLA TESLA HIMSELF OVER 100 YEARS AGO.


If you believe this is more than coincidence, then please come to my aid. I need you in helping me expose this idea for humanity. Specifically, in order to prove me right, it is my focus to convince the Westinghouse Corporation ( leading supplier of all nuclear power plants) to remove their fission rod assemblies and install my electrode system and conduct a safe and clean FUSION process with WATER itself.  I have always walked in the light with a strong belief in God. The time has come to give energy to all of civilization. This is exactly what Nikola Tesla tried doing to his last day on Earth. I have completed that mission. The Tesla coil has now found a noble place of use J



Sam Azar

Noblefuse .org

May 22 2007

Ground control to Major Tom Jerome Newton- have you found energy yet----yes--- WATER--!!!





he band professionals on youtube-vintage 1981----WHO KNOWS WHEN YOUR TIME WILL BE- WHO KNOWS WHAT YOUR GONNA SEE





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A question to Jean- Jacques Annaed, director of the film Quest for fire

Dear Jean-Jacques,

I highly enjoyed your recreation of early mans discovery of fire by two sticks in 1982. My name is Sam Azar, I have created fire in the 21st century with water as my fuel, not with two sticks, but with two electrodes.

I recently wrote David Bowie, artist/singer/actor, a letter in which I portray I believe our two paths are of either fate or coincidence. I believe connections are real, ever since my completion of experiments on this previous palm Sunday, many connections have become visible. I would like to share some with you as these connections I have pertain to your film-Quest for Fire.

Let me start with several questions for you and then I will tell you what I see.
1.why did you choose the badlands of southern Alberta for your opening and closing scenes of the movie. Also, why did you use a can of gasoline for the fire and not wood
2. Because Anthony Burgess was not available for creating the language of the Ivaka tribe, you simply substituted actual Inuit Indians as the voices for the “enlightened tribe”. what tribe of Inuit were they, and why them, also, can you please have someone have a translated version of their chants and conversations to the “shadow people”

This is why I write you. At the end of this letter, I will send you a copy of my letter I sent to David bowie. On my website in which I posted a copy of the letter to David, I also put a picture of your film at the bottom, this may easily be created on a webpage, simply text and images. Thus, a letter of text with an image of the cover for your movie. As you are aware on the cover are the three caveman and one cavewoman. Everett is holding the fire carrier. When one views this picture, the fire almost resembles a STAR as the lines of illumination emanate from the fire. This was intriguing to me as with so many other connections I have uncovered, however, I will only relate one such connection with you in which I find fascinating. I have received the conception of writing to David in a place called the Valley of the Gods in southern Utah, (ALONG WITH MUCH MORE ) next to the town of Mexican hat. This should be on any map. The Navajo translation for this area of the valley of the Gods is Warriors frozen in time. It was a remarkable place with a billion stars at night and coyotes singing. I was alone on this trip as most of my many trips throughout north America for enjoying our great national parks. I ended up on this route thru Utah as my intention was to go the southern rim of the grand canyon and perform my annual hiking adventures. HOWEVER IN REFLECTION- I DIDN'T NEED TO GO ON ANY TRIP AFTER MY DISCOVERY- I WAS SUMMONED AND LED TO THIS PLACE.  It was getting dark and I needed a place to sleep for the evening, I drove by a sign that said valley of the Gods and I followed the dirt road into the middle of nowhere surrounded by majestic columns. A very special place. Needless to say, one of my strong thoughts that evening was to contact David upon my return to home, several days of driving by auto. Before leaving I took a rock from a firepit in this desert, a souvenir for me. Why not, fire pits, anything with fire is on my mind now in light of my discovery. I come home a week later, I write my letter to David and paste your picture of quest for fire on my website

After several days I realize this star fire and I want to watch the video again, as you know the first scene and last scene in your movie is the fire in the middle of nowhere in the badlands of southern Alberta, close to a town called Medicine hat, remember Mexican hat is next to valley of the gods. I have lived slightly north of the badlands in Edmonton and Athabasca as I lived there for two years in early nineties. I have definitely driven thru the badlands on several occasions., and walked about in a short time manner as I was on the move. As you know the Inuit Indians are a local peoples of the northwest territory, my only connection to them is simply learning a beautiful phrase to live by if you are a person who pushes the limit in both physical and mental endeavors-go until the body can go no further, then move one, this is when the eagle will let go--- I have pasted this phrase on the bottom of my site also, I have lived by this creed along with others for a very long time.

I speak not of the connection between both of these places as being next to a town with hat in their names, Mexican hat and Medicine hat which do have similar meanings in native American history. My fascination is that when viewed from a map. THESE TWO LOCATIONS ARE EXACTLY IN LINE WITH EACH OTHER IN REGARDS TO LONGITUDE. The distance between them is more than 1000 miles. I have created fire with two electrodes with use of an unlimited and clean fuel source--water. Your movie is quest for fire with two sticks. I am very curious what the actual translations of the Inuit Indians as they spoke to the shadow people( the enlightened peoples who possessed the mastery of fire ).

Sam Azar
June 1 2007







valley of the gods---warriors frozen in time-(left) near the town of Mexican hat in southern Utah USA

badlands of southern Alberta- (right) near the town of medicine hat in southern Alberta Canada

Photographs of Valley of the Gods

The following scene is from the movie quest for fire-everything is a message-

 not two sticks but two electrodes



            I have always believed in a god. I am grateful to have been born to two loving parents. My father and mother that have always provided for myself and siblings at the expense of their own lives, I thank you from the deepest of my heart. Since I was a teenager I made it my mission to find answers in science with a sole purpose of providing a benefit to mankind. I chose the study of gravity itself as I believed that someday I would unlock its mystery so that we as a civilization may use to our benefit. To control gravity would mean a great ease in moving objects from one place to another, you may call this transportation. It was my personal interests to have gravity control as a method for our use in space exploration. I am like many as an explorer. I have found many beautiful places on earth, and it is in this spirit I would desire to have this ability with the stars in the sky with some kind of ship. If you find this humorous, so do all my nephews and nieces as I have always enjoyed their enthusiasm when they ask their uncle sam when it will be done because they want to take a ride in it J that was my childhood dream and continues to be so. I have explored many educational institutions and formally obtained an engineering degree. I have always believed that the greatest institution within four walls was a library. In a library one may find all things from religion to science. I give praise to our fore fathers in this country who have instilled the need for a library in every town. When I was in my early twenties I learned a Native American saying which truly depicts my character in my pursuits, both physical and mental-particularly science. GO UNTIL THE BODY CAN GO NO FURTHER, THEN MOVE ON-- THIS IS WHEN THE EAGLE WILL LET GO. This is a statement in which any human being may adopt, it does not adhere to any one religion, and it is merely a simple but true statement in which it is up to us to find the inner strength to continue any endeavor.  When coupled with the full knowledge in a great entity in our universe, one of which has created structure and order, I believe the answer to all our questions may be found. It has been said that to knock and the door will be opened, I must have knocked, kicked, smashed, and did everything to find answers as I have tried my best to leave no stone unturned. Then, at the age of thirty three I have received a clear message. All of us in some time of our lives have some connections, most of them keep us guessing and wondering, but never the belief in god, that must be without question or debate, this is what I believe.  My message was as clear as all which is before me. With this message embraced, I held it to myself until I was ready. For me, I wanted to unlock something in science, a deal you might say between me and my maker. My first real pursuit into the betterment of mankind was not gravity but with a direction I believed I have seen in helping those of us that are sick with a virus. The HIV virus which causes AIDS was my target. I am a man of the electrical world, thus my ideas were of such. I believe a device can be built to resonant a frequency which would destroy or disable parts of the HIV molecule itself. I have pursued this goal vigorously for several years. In finishing this I have made a video of my intentions and method of approach with a spirit of understanding that someone else would continue with this goal. I have titled this video—PROJECTV20 --ITS ALL ABOUT VIBRATIONS”.  The company I started in the late nineties for this purpose was called Unity Foundation. I called it projectv20 because of an idea I have created at the time. I believe in a utopian world in which someday the world will truly be ONE NATION UNDER GOD. A world free from separate armies and living together in a spirit of cooperation. We all have our own ideas when this might occur, and I had mine. I believed that a utopian world would represent a level of 300 in some kind of judging basis from zero of primitive to 300 as the attainment of a unified world. I believed my pursuits for a cure to aids was a 20 on the grand scheme of things. I do not belittle such an endeavor and my heart is with all that is sick with any ailment. I only acknowledge societies behavior and present level as what good is it to cure people of disease simply to dress them in battle uniform and conduct wars. I believe we have great work ahead of us and the future looks bright.


I now draw near to my disclosure of my message, but you must fully understand the world in which I have lived this past decade. I was given the greatest gift ever as a human being, my son Austin 15 years ago. Unfortunately, his mother and I have parted and so my son has lived with her since he was a child. I thank her as she has been an excellent mother to him and provided for all his needs. They both live in the vicinity of Edmonton Alberta, or shall I say Medicine Hat also of southern Alberta Canada. I have now lived 13 years without my son and I will tell everyone I WOULD NOT WISH THIS HARDSHIP ON ANY HUMAN BEING.  It was in this framework of mind in which I labored in science to find an answer and live a better life for myself and my son as ANY NORMAL PARENT WOULD DO. I have heard every parent with their strong commitment to love their child and would almost certainly die for their child. I too have these same feelings but my separation from him only strengthened in me my pursuits to find answers. Upon the place of one of my favorite mountains to hike, a place in which to ponder science, my child, life itself, great places in nature have an ability for us to channel thoughts and ideas. The message I was given -- TO LOVE ALL CHILDREN IN ORDER TO IMPLEMENT AN AGE OF UNITY. That was it at the time, and it was explained throughout the years in different ways. This is what I fundamentally believe;  I love my child, I know that most human beings love their own child too; it is in this understanding in which the message makes complete sense. That to TRULY love your child, you must love all children, for in doing so, a generation of children will have been taught love, understanding, and caring for one another, thereby ensuring a greater love and security for your own child. Something in which we as parents can not do when our departing of this earth but only hope and prayer that our children's lives will be better than ours. THE MESSAGE IS CLEAR---LOVE ALL CHILDREN FOR UNITY.


I will now begin to tell you what I have uncovered within this message in order for it to actually be implemented. It is fine indeed to make such a comment to love the children, but my message given also contained the framework of how to do it.


I have said that I believe in god, I favor no religious group. I fundamentally believe that any human being on this planet of a certain religious practice is predominately this way because they were born into such a family that has practiced this form of worship. I believe ANY HUMAN BABY ON THIS PLANET MAY BE PLACED ANYWHERE ON THIS EARTH TO A FAMILY OF A CERTAIN LANGUAGE AND RELIGION AND THAT HUMAN BABY WILL GROW INTO AN ADULT WHICH WILL SPEAK THE LANGUAGE OF THESE PEOPLE AND WORSHIP THE GOD AND PROPHETS OF THESE PEOPLE.


For myself I have been born into a Christian orthodox church and I am well accustomed to the teachings of the prince of peace. A spirit in which I have great love for, but let me be clear as I love all prophets in every land and all people who love one another, especially people with a kind heart to children. I will tell you something about me in which I am proud of, I HAVE NEVER IN MY ENTIRE LIFE PHYSICALLY HIT ANOTHER HUMAN BEING OUT OF ANGER, NOR HAVE I VERBALLY ABUSED ANYONE TO ANY GREAT EXTENT.   I have only fought my fellow man within the martial arts, I have never ever provoked a fight in my life. I am not perfect and I have been known to have a severe harsh tone at times. I am not innocent completely, it takes great work to keep it together and I have done so.

Both my parents were born into christian families in the middle east. I am Semitic. I do not like these titles as I believe in saying I am a human being. But it is in this statement in which I have found the framework for the message to take place.


My father was born in the christian village of Amar in Syria upon the foothills of the castle Krak des Chevaliers. This was also the headquarters of the Knights Hospitaller  (also known as by the British as the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem ) was an organization that began as an  hospital founded in Jerusalem in 1080 to provide care for poor and sick to the Holy Land. The local people also call it the Lions castle- after King Richard The Lionheart of England.  My mother of christain origins in the city of HOMS=65 km from Krak des Chevalier. I have visited the tomb of John The Baptist in Damascus. merely the head is entombed- for the satisfaction of a king and his love- The age of stupidity has come to an end, let no ruler or  king or queen or dictator ever have command of our children's lives forever more.

The Middle East was always a meeting place for many different civilizations, notably the Babylonians, Egyptians, Hittites, Hebrews, Romans, Persians, Byzantines, Arabs, Kurds, Ottomans, Seljuk Turks, and Franks. This led to the creation of the unique architecture preserved in the Krak des Chevaliers.

 I have recently disclosed two personal connections amongst the many I believe are real, one to David Bowie, and the other to Jean Jacques Annaed. I HAVE ALSO DISCLOSED MY FINALIZED EXPERIMENTS WERE COMPLETED ON PALM SUNDAY 2007 in which a video was made public, an interesting date indeed, however, a prior connection was seen in that the actual very first time i used a tesla coil to spark in water was performed 6 weeks prior to palm Sunday, i was accompanied by my two friends-Joe Preston and Jim blasé, during the actual 30 second window the spark occurred, it was also witnessed by two strangers looking into my door which has a glass window on it. These two individuals were Hasidic Jews, one named Wolfe landau of Brooklyn New York, the other my apologies for not remembering your name. I have never seen a Hasidic Jew in Allentown ever before, i have never seen anyone looking into my laboratory as i am the only person on the top floor. This was the beginning of peculiar coincidences indeed. I will now tell you what it means. Jean Jacque was the director of Quest for fire in which I saw in 1982, it is a recreation of early mans discovery of how to make fire with two sticks. The opening and closing scenes in this movie is southern Alberta Canada near the town of Medicine Hat. I have recently disclosed my scientific findings of making fire, not with two sticks, but with two electrodes, the fuel in my system is WATER, In a place called the Valley of the Gods, Navajo Indian translation of warriors frozen in time, next to a town called Mexican hat in southern Utah-USA, I was instructed to contact the famous singer actor David Bowie. I live in a town called Catasauqua,Pennsylvania-USA which in native translation means  NEED RAIN OR THIRSTY GROUND.   In this town in which i live, it borders the  city of Allentown Pennsylvania as only a river separates the two places. this river is named the Lehigh and it flows into the Delaware which continues to Philadelphia and subsequently the ocean., the town of my birth and the location of my laboratory in which i have successfully demonstrated how to obtain nuclear fusion for unlimited and clean energy. this building sits at the intersection of seventh and Hamilton streets. My laboratory is on the highest floor which faces the center square of the great city of Allentown. as with most cities a beautiful monument is within the center of the square and clearly visible by my windows which span the entire length of the building. If one is to look upon a map and connect these three points, one will find a triangle. I did not see the triangle until the day after this very MEMORIAL DAY-. A day in which we celebrate our nations warriors for our freedom. By the grace of god and good fortune i somehow found myself in the following chain of events. It was on this day that i found myself in the part of our nations founder George Washington as I proudly escorted on foot our own Allentown liberty bell used in the ceremony to its resting place in the basement of the ZION REFORMED UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST located across the street from my building.

Upon placing the bell in its rightful place, I then had the great honor to actually RING THE BELL of the much larger and exact replica of our own nations  LIBERTY BELL which is housed in Philadelphia.  It is well known that the actual nations Liberty Bell was brought to this same very church and hidden IN ITS BASEMENT from the invading British troops in 1777 as the British would have easily melted it down and used for ammunition.  I THEN PROUDLY READ THE ENTIRE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE AS IT WAS WRITTEN IN ITS ACTUAL FORM BY THOMAS JEFFERSON--the declaration was enlarged to the size of a wallpaper the entire length of the room  which made reading it clear. I am proud to be an AMERICAN citizen and a U.S. MARINE. Once a Marine- Always a Marine- Formally 13 weeks training Parris Island, South Carolina- 13 weeks camp lejune infantry training school-(0311)- graduated into the reserves and conducted my missions of science with a strong belief in discipline and respect for authority. I believe in the Betterment of mankind at the core of my ideals- A phrase by the Freemasons depicting our beliefs and ideologies in which our first president was a part of- "It makes a good man better"- I have enjoyed serving as chaplain in the Freemasons of the Allentown Jordon lodge.

 If one was to further split this triangle into two halves, one in which take half the distance from Medicine Hat to Mexican Hat and find the center point. Extend from this point to Catasauqua and continue the line. One may view this triangle as an ARROW pointing at something, by splitting the triangle in two and connecting to Catasauqua, one will find that in fact this makes the direction of the pointing arrow accuracy far greater. When one does such as endeavor, it will fall upon the site in which  the light of god has shown itself through fire to MOSES. This place is MT. SINAI.



This is what I have been told by the message. I am Semitic. Someday the world will be ONE NATION UNDER GOD. And let the first steps be by those who have carried the message of the prophets since time eternal. All sons of Abraham, sons of Shem, in which the name Semites comes from but from SHEM. These people are to unite first as a demonstration of unity unto the world. There will be no country names of Syria, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, and Arabia or any nation with roots to SHEM. There will be one nation and it shall be called SEMITICA. The primary language of these united people will be English to signify that the world will someday speak a universal language in which we can no longer make translations by those that deceive all citizens. We as free citizens of the world must demand our leaders with the ability to converse in a language free from translation. What language you speak in your own homes is your fancy. In the great nation of America, a land in which is based a belief in  ONE NATION UNDER GOD and that in which we all have inalienable rights in the quest of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all stood at the crossroads early in its life. It is known that the young America took a stand and thru democracy a vote between English or German which settled any further debates or talks of such nature. There was one vote left and it was of a man with German origins and language in which made the outcome- Frederick Augustus Muhlenberg. He obviously has chosen English as he knew it was the right thing to do for many reasons. I admire that man of Germanic origin for such an honorable act. I would call upon the great nation of Germany today to embrace the same choice. The German people have always been a great leading nation in civilization with roots built upon the ideology of unity. Let the German people make the transition of a new Semitic state language far easier by its own decision to adopt a national language of English. Let us fundamentally agree upon English as a world language and let this challenge extend to any nation.


The government of Semitica is to be built upon the hills where the law was first given to Moses upon MT. SINAI. Let this new nation be the symbol of unity for all mankind. It is in the interests of all human beings to encourage its life.  Jerusalem, this is the place of worship, not for a select few in Islam or Judea or Christianity, but for every religion in this great world. A UNIFIED Temple in honor of all peoples EFFORTS to communicate with GOD SHALL BE BUILT. All residents within the walls of JERUSALEM must leave-ONLY THE PRIESTS MAY LIVE  WITHIN THE OLD CITY WALLS. Compensate them above and beyond for their great sacrifice-and may all who have been driven from the holy lands return- let the world assist in this return in order to rebuild their homes. Within the walls of Jerusalem a garden of trees and flowers with many fountains of WATER will flourish within. Let the new temple be open to every human being on this planet without any restrictions for worship and sanctuary and let no door to Jerusalem be closed at this moment and forever more. In the eyes of god all religions which believe in peace and the love of children bring a smile to the creator as you as a parent would do so with your own child who is good to another and compassionate. to those that embrace a religion but curse another- your voices sound like the Babel of a donkey, let no human judge another with religion- have patience as we will all be judged in time.


I believe this message with all my heart. I believe there are MANY which have heard this very same message in one form or another, and we shall encourage the silent but strong soldiers of god. We will not convince everyone, but do not be angry or bothered by them, for what is at hand is the mission itself as THE AGE OF UNITY HAS BEGUN and it is in our unified strengths that will ensure VICTORY.





e days of silence are over as the children cry from pain in all parts of the world. The light of god shines brightly upon us now as many of our forefathers from time ago scattered amongst the heavens have gathered to watch our every decision at this very moment. A great change is to occur with our civilization. We will embrace the message of love for all children and excite the will of our friends and neighbors. All wars between people are to stop immediately, instruct the young soldiers to lay down their weapons and seek the children in their vicinity and provide them with comfort and happiness, tell them to love them as they would their own brother , sister, or their own child themselves. Seek out and find those children which cry for food, hurt of pain, and want of shelter. We must divert all of our energy to the  children, we shall gather the leaders in science and drive on until we have perfected this energy system which is abundant and clean to nature-water. With this energy we shall build children hospitals of the standards of a ST. Jude children facility in every city within every nation on this planet and stop the pain and suffering  of  the children. All of our efforts now must be for the children.  THIS IS THE WILL OF  THE HEAVENS- AN AGE OF UNITY HAS BEEN DECLARED-





Freddie mercury and David bowie Under Pressure(1982) LOVE-LOVE-LOVE-

Freddie Mercury was born Farrokh Bulsara on the African island of Zanzibar, at the time a British colony, now part of Tanzania. His parents, Bomi Bulsara and Jer Bulsara, were Parsi-Zoroastrians from India.

Some scholars have suggested that Zoroastrianism was where the first prophet of a monotheistic faith arose, claiming Zoroastrianism as being "the oldest of the revealed credal religions, which has probably had more influence on mankind directly or indirectly, more than any other faith".

The ninth Iranian month is called Azar, meaning 'Atash' or fire. The guardianship of the month has been designated to a goddess known as Azar. Zoroastrians celebrate the ninth day of Azar with a festival known as 'Azargan'.

Fire was so important to them that they created a goddess for it. Sanctity of fire has an ancient origin. All the tribes on the earth have praised the fire. Progress made by the human race is dependent on fire, which also produces steam and electricity.



The movie space odyssey 2001- The sun and the crescent moon aligned with each other (in the opening shot) was a symbol of Zoroastrianism, an ancient Persian religion that predated Buddhism and Christianity and was based on the teachings of the prophet Zoroaster (also known as Zarathustra). This particular alignment symbolized the eternal struggle between light and darkness.









HEY ZIGGY- HOW DO YOU LIKE THIS UFO STORY: TINY BLUE PLANET CALLED EARTH AMONGST A TRILLION STARS IN THE SKY WHERE TIME HAS NO MEANING AT ALL- it should be readily apparent to the trained eye or even a scientist to draw a conclusion based upon our own lives now and recorded in history the following conclusion- Evolution is true- it probably has done so many billion of years ago-we are not the first to play with dna- but in fact have been told we are made in the image of an entity that has done so before our time- and our purpose on earth is to enjoy this life as much as possible with full respect to every other human being-and if it is within our power and means- to help those less fortunate than us so that they may enjoy their time on this planet- these are the common messages by all spiritually endowed throughout the ages- to ignore it would admit ignorance and an inability to have faith in our fellow man- and here it is- the greatest test of all-FAITH- is this not our only requirement our creator has given us- to believe it is true- we come from something far greater and we must try to live to the standards given to us by messengers- it is true our understanding of this world is relative to an observer for what we learn and observe makes our opinions- and in todays times of television and internet we hear so many stories of others observations- let me tell you when I seen a UFO- an unidentified flying object- it was 1987 and I was studying physics at Kutztown University approximately 40 miles from my place of birth-I love physically working out and the nighttime is my favorite time- it was 11pm and I was in the university football field alone. I was atop a wooden platform skipping rope where the football instructor yells at the players. I was a good way through skipping and feeling the workout- I tell you this because it is not a college party but in fact when my wits were strongest- straight and physically active-thus it would be hard to pull the wool over my eyes- the setting is this; small university town surrounded by many farms- I was on a football field between two main buildings and I faced towards a direction away from the buildings into the football field--after the field about 150 yards was a tree line-after the tree line was a farm field full of corn for miles- it was dark with clear skies and stars in the sky- as I was skipping and feeling very strong I noticed a moving small light to my right in the far off distance- as I see stars in the sky- it looked like a tiny white light the size of as star about 50 miles away-just guessing- and immediately I figured it was a jet in the sky moving- Thus-as I was skipping rope and noticed this small light which looked like a star in the distance and was moving like a jet as I initially thought- it did not impress me at all- my eyes look to the left and then back again AND WHAT I SEEN MADE ME STOP IMMEDIATELY- this small light which I thought was a jet in the distance is now half way to my position- this thing was moving so fast it made me stop skipping rope- in the time span of first seeing it to me reacting was only a second- the time to look right and then left and then back again as I skipped rope- I was in awe- for this white light was not a white light at all- across the field in which I stood and stared-this thing traveled above the tree tops (approx 50 yards behind it-thus from me 200 yards) This thing was about a third the size of the trees as I looked at it race across my view-maybe 30 feet in diameter- a perfect round sphere red in color- no doors-lines-wings-anything- completely round and a glowing red- like a soft red light on a brake of a car- perfectly round with no tail like a comet- can you imagine how I felt- its not over- right behind it- approximately 50-100 feet behind was a smaller blue one in the exact line of travel as the first- but this one was a third the size of the red one- same as the first in regards to no obvious lines or markings on it- simply a perfect sphere of light moving with incredible velocity right in front of me- you can think what you want at this stage- but I will tell you this- I knew immediately this thing was not of this earth- and I wanted to be the first to find it. As I stood on this platform and watched this thing fly across my view in less than 2 seconds and it seemed like it landed approximately 2 miles away at a 30 degree angle- I immediately flew off that platform and into my Pontiac firebird parked about 30 feet away- I WAS GOING TO FIND THIS THING- I zipped out the parking lot of this university with no care whatsoever for wreckless driving as I would want the police to follow me- I drove ¼ mile to the main intersection of the university-made a right onto the main street and continued past the college town and into farms fields-about 2 miles-at least 100 miles an hour- I took a road that beared left as I believed this was the best estimation of its landing( for what it is worth- the majority of my life is hiking extensively in the toughest forests- most of which I do alone- I have a good sense of direction and not known to be afraid of anything at night-reason being i have always had the conscoius thoughts of walking everywhere with the strong light of god shining upon me- thus -it was never dark) my mind was filled with the energy of finding this thing- it took me at least 2-3 minutes to make it here- and needless to say I was pumped- I believed this spot on this dark road was it- I pulled over like a race car driver - it was a small patch of grass area of at least 20 feet wide and then into a small area of trees and an opening behind It as this is what I deduced driving into this area from the road- HERE IS MY FEELING- FROM SEEING IT TO DRIVING OVER TO FINDING IT I WAS PUMPED UP WITH SO MUCH ADRENALINE- AS SOON AS I HOPPED OUT THE CAR AND INTO THE TALL GRASS TO THE AREA I BELIEVED IT WAS IN- MY MIND CHANGED INSTANTAENOUSLY- DON'T GO FURTHER- YOU DID ENOUGH- LEAVE- I believe I was tested- encouraged in some ways- for what happened to me in 1987 kept me on my initial goals of finding a major scientific advancement for society and there is no question it has done so- for at this stage in my life- I was reevaluating my life- why do I spend so much time on science when most others play-have fun- make money-when most of my mental energies are spent on science- for some goal and dream that was put into me at the age of 17 to continue in science- THAT IS MY UFO STORY-
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketmy firebird i drive to NYC and see you and the professionals-same firebird on dozens of trips throughout America-NOT TWO STICKS BUT TWO ELECTRODES-FIRE IN THE 21ST CENTURY-great eagle-great father-FUNNY-ISNT IT
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OCT 19 UPDATE- - so I went to my cousins house last night- he is the son of my moms brother- he lives next to his parents about three houses away-these are row houses in the city of Allentown-pa- when I was child I lived in a building several houses away on the next block- several times others keep asking me why do I pick on David Bowie-- I see it completely how we are connected- it is my gift by the heavens ensuring my science is seen by many-and done so by a messenger-for without question David has been used by the heavens- as all people are at times- I RESEARCHED this mans past- his uncanny life of ziggy stardust or starman IS ME-THIS STARMAN WAS A PERSON OF THE FUTURE WHO CARED FOR CHILDREN-- I am the vision he had as a young adolescent- he thought of ziggy-and major tom and all that jazz in 68-69??? still David hasn't called to verify- but- there HAS ALWAYS BEEN SOMETHING IN MY LIFE I COULD NEVER EXPLAIN WHICH HAPPENED TO ME WHEN I WAS THIS AGE IN 68-69- IT WAS A BEAUTIFUL VISION OF A CHILD- I ALWAYS THOUGHT IT WAS A DREAM- BUT SO VIVID- just like the ufo story of mine 1987-AND I ALWAYS FELT IT WAS REAL SUSIE- ALWAYS- ITS GOING TO SOUND RIDICULOUS- BUT WHAT I REMEMBER IS SOMETHING LIKE SANTA'S SLED STREAMING THRU THE SKY WITH SPARKLES AND STARS TRAILING IT-IT WAS A MESSAGE WITH A CHRISTMAS THEME- I ALSO ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS SCENE AS A LITTLE CHILD STANDING IN THE FRONT PORCH OF MY HOUSE LOOKING UP- I know this sounds funny- but I don't remember anything as a child- but this- and then- that ufo story I gave last month- what I seen in 1987- lights of the sky-i wish i was in person to say this- but anyway- i decided not to just walked to my car after leaving his house last night- i walked a little more to the house in which we lived-my father owned 2 side by side buildings in which we lived in both-grandmother in one section- some cousins in another-the buildings are 444-and 446- they both add to 12 and 14- with the average of 13!!!-building 444 is exactly like 446-but approx 10 years ago the front was closed in as seen on the picture covering the front entrance to the door (my cousins father who still lives in this area has confirmed it to me this morning- both sides have the exact same opening)-(just for kicks- the progression of 12 to 14- well here come 16 too- after my departure from my child 13 years ago-I have now lived 13 years in the sanctuary of my parents home to perform all endeavors-my address is 529 Bethlehem road---5+2+9=16)but that is not what was very funny/interesting/coincidental-ha last night- for on the porch of these houses are tiles in the designs of Solomon's seal- I have been blabbing ABOUT THE STAR OF SOLOMON FOR YEARS--
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the schools adress is
the name of road that i seen the ufo or shall i say - lights of the sky- was on sharadin road

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there is a building NOW that sits upon the site i pulled over where i believe it landed-it is an unmarked building- i found someone working inside-he said it is a company that PURIFIES WATER- he also said the owner made some kind of tree memorial in the back- he doesnt know why- and owner wasnt anywhere to be found- and i'm done with this story- I KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON- THE LIGHTS WERE THE POWER OF SPIRITS- THE VISIONS I HAD IN THE VALLEY OF THE GODS WERE A GRID OF LIGHTS REPRESENTING ALL OUR PAST SPIRIT WARRIORS- I AM A MESSENGER OF GOD- I WAIT FOR FOR MY FELLOW MAN TO UNCOVER ME- I HAVE DONE ENOUGH
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Unlimited energy from water


A PERSONAL MESSAGE TO CEO'S OF NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS: I have said many things above in which you might believe are unorthodox, however, you should understand i take my position because i fundamentally believe i have discovered the solution to the energy crisis which is safe to our planet, once you have grasped that understanding than you will understand that what i have proposed is a gift from the heavens- and as simple is the system I propose( the lightning bolt and water ) it does come with a price- A MESSAGE OF UNITY. BUT LET ME BE DIRECT WITH YOU-  I CHALLENGE YOU TO PROVE ME RIGHT.  assemble a team of your best scientists in which you have already prescreened for the ones that have a positive outlook of what i propose, gather the best tesla coil builders, gather high voltage experts-in particular lightning discharge specialists which work with the power industry as they test discharges upon substation equipment- gather also from the established fusion plasma fields the magnetic pinch specialists. If i can build this system alone with my bare hands0 what can your company do. sweep all parameters for finding the optimum conditions- frequency-pressure-but keep in mind of at least 3 million volts between electrodes. i offer a symbolic prize of 300-Noblefuse shares to the company which produces a 1 megawatt power plant- THE WESTINGHOUSE CHALLENGE.

To my fellow Marines- to all soldiers in arms. I have uncovered the warriors sacrifice from time immortal and give you a unifying battle call so that you may begin to understand all people on earth are our brothers in arms. The world will be one nation under GOD. The days have come whereby we will replace our weapons for tools of growth. Standing armies will change direction of action and thought of violence to one another to that of a builder of nations- roads-bridges-electricity-hospitals and all forms of modern civilization will be the mission of all armies- for truly wars against man are things such as poverty-sickness-and prejudice.

The answer to histories sacrifice of 300 have been revealed. Captain Samuel Nicholas was commissioned as the Continental Marines' first officer on 28 November 1775. By December 1775, five companies of about 300 Marines were raised. Among the newly commissioned Marines was Captain Robert Mullan. In December 1776, the Marines were tasked to join Washington's army to a brigade of Philadelphia militia... Captain Mullan's roster lists two black men, Issac and Orange, the first recorded black Marines, and the rest of the marines were men of all foreign nations seeking freedom in the new lands of America. They assisted Washington in the decisive American victory at Princeton and paved the way to the founding of the greatest nation to represent all peoples of the earth- The United States of America.

To honor George Washington Himself as the owner of 300 slaves as the American founder has said- "I was born into a world where slavery existed, in my father's will, I inherited ten slaves. When I married Mrs. Washington, she brought to the marriage 50 slaves in her dowry. Those slaves intermarried at Mount Vernon. We never sold any slaves because I thought it was despicable to break up these families. When I retired from the war, there were 300 slaves. Then, I decided that all our slaves should be free. And those who were too old might live out their lives at Mount Vernon and those who were too young might live there until they were 18. But no one could leave Mount Vernon unless they learned to read. It's in the will. Although I felt slavery was despicable and I was criticized for not speaking out, in my heart I knew that sooner or later, it must be expunged from our nation”


To honor Spartacus and the slaves he freed from roman rule- to the 300 Romans made sacrifice under Spartacus. Spartacus escaped Rome with his people. He wanted to lead his men across the Alps to escape from Italy, but the Gauls and Germans, led by Crixus, wanted to stay and plunder and seek justice and compensation for the years they lived under slavery... They separated from Spartacus, who passed the winter near Thurii in southern Italy. Spartacus had raised about 70,000 slaves, mostly from rural areas. The Senate, alarmed, finally sent the two consuls (L. Gellius Publicola and Cn. Cornelius Lentulus Clodianus), each with two legions, against the rebels. The Gauls and Germans, separated from Spartacus, were defeated by Publicola, and Crixus was killed. Spartacus defeated Lentulus, and then Publicola. To avenge Crixus, Spartacus had 300 prisoners from these battles fight in pairs to the death.

To Honor King Leonidas of ancient Sparta and his brave 300 men. For the first time in history a formal declaration made by a tribe of human beings to defend the beginning of a new concept at that time- AN AGE OF FREEDOM. To live amongst our own people of tongue and culture- to not live under the rule of a foreign ruler. Throughout the ages since leonidas and Sparta- all countries have taken turns from being the defender of a nation to that of being an aggressor- how ironic indeed of the 21st century the roles of tiny ancient Sparta and its legacy now confront ancient Persia.

Let it be known now to all living that we have been given a great gift as a generation of people from the heavens. It is our duty to end the cycle of  violence to one another. AN AGE OF UNITY HAS BEGUN. All soldiers of standing armies- you are soldiers of god, and all who have come before you in ancient battles look upon you and give you strength through spirit to begin to embrace all peoples of earth as brothers in arms against enemies of hunger-poverty-disease.

It was energy of fire which made man come out from hiding in our caves. To make dominion over the animals and nature on earth. To not be afraid of the mighty wolf in nature, but instead- to tame the wolf into a helper and friend of man. I offer the call of the wolf as a battle cry between brothers in arms- ---HAWOOO--. LET US ALL UNDERSTAND WE ARE ALL SOLDIERS OF GOD AND THERE IS ONLY ONE GREAT RULER BUT GOD.






I want to tell you a story, of what transpired on the day of saturday-25-2007, four months from my awakening via my scientific discovery this previous palm Sunday. It was a hot summer day and I decided to enjoy it by floating down the Lehigh River which borders my hometown and no less than one mile from my home. The point on the river next to my home is 8 miles from where the Lehigh River enters the Delaware River, and subsequently runs approximately 30 miles thru the city of Philadelphia and into the Atlantic Ocean. I drove to a point on the river of 7 miles upstream from my hometown- I was alone and the day was absolutely beautiful in warmth and sunlight.


This Lehigh River is not a raging one like the Colorado River-but it has many areas in which some have perished and especially when water levels are high- but today the water level was low and crystal clear. I should mention since I was a teenager my friends and I would swim in this river- swing from Tarzan ropes and play often-I was not much for fishing-especially on the side of the banks waiting for the big tug- instead- I would make my own spear and with goggles and flippers enter the waters for a face to face encounter-ha- I say these things for you to understand I am very comfortable on this river. This solo trip for me was one of relaxation- a small children’s raft from a department store suited this purpose.


Before I tell you of the trip, one should understand the captain of this vessel. On my graduation picture of my high school year book- underneath I mention some phrases as we are all required to say something- my last comment was –jamming committee. There is without question as I reflect upon my life, something I cannot nail down to a certain event, but one of which has changed my life. My pursuits previous to this were as a regular human being trying to make sense of the world handed to me by my forefathers- in school-in media-in culture-etc..However, I was always intrinsically aware of something far greater than us and what is visible-GOD and spirits- I was also very aware I had a great compassion to my fellow man- especially those that were weak and sick. I was never a bully and was very troubled by those that hurt another in speech and action. After this so called event- my eyes were fixed upon only one thought- FINDING A GREAT SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY FOR THE BETTERMENT OF MANKIND- this was my feeling and has been so my entire life- gravity was my target. In order for one to tackle such a grandiose goal-one must begin a self imposed mission- similar to the military- a mindset was engrained in me-   a phrase I learned later in my life serves this philosophy of my life- this phrase comes from a certain tribes of native Americans of the province of British Columbia Canada- this was a phrase for their warriors- a right of passage for these warriors was to traverse 300 miles thru the rocky mountains alone- if they make it back- they are men- if not- they are in the spirit world- this is somewhat like the agogee of an ancient Sparta- here is the phrase- GO UNTIL THE BODY CAN GO NO FURTHER- THEN MOVE- THIS IS WHEN THE EAGLE WILL LET GO- this means so much to me- and I believe you can find something in this too—before I found this term- I made up my own naive saying in my youth- the jamming committee. To my friends- they only knew me as someone hiking in the mountains often- and I might say most of my friends have gone with me once- and most never go a second time as I my intentions were not to listen to birds- but to push the limits of physical endurance- this is what people seen of me on the outside- for the inside I was filled with the academic mission of finding gravities puzzle- and I have tried to my abilities to push this mental barrier as far as I pushed the physical. The very first place I started hiking vigorously at 17 was atop a rock called EAGLE ROCK- a large rock at the top of a mountain that overlooks the valley I live in and is directly above the Lehigh River. I used to run up and down this mountain like it was the last day on earth-to the bottom-splash in the river-and back up again- several times usually on an outing. I presume this place is called eagle rock is because it is perched atop the mountain and on its edge with truly a birds eye view. I have never seen an eagle in this area in my life- but many people see turkey vultures and some species of hawks and thus most people just say eagle rock- I can understand this. I was privileged once in my life to have a seen THE MAJESTIC AMERICAN BALD EAGLE  while driving thru the rocky mountains of British Columbia- along a river bank it stood with several others and it was an amazing sight to see in person-I have also hiked the surrounding mountains and repeated to myself the phrase of the local natives of the phrase I have given- this area is truly a beautiful area- it is the highway from Vancouver BC- to Edmonton  Alberta- a grand road to drive indeed thru the rocky mountains. I would also mention this very spot I believe I have seen these Eagles were at a point horizontal to a point on the opposite side of the Rocky Mountains –of the Badlands of southern Alberta (a point of my arrow in direction to MT. Sinai). LET ME SAY A FEW THINGS ABOUT THE EAGLE-

It is said the eagle was used as a national emblem because, at one of the first battles of the Revolution (which occurred early in the morning) the noise of the struggle awoke the sleeping eagles on the heights and they flew from their nests and circled about over the heads of the fighting men, all the while giving vent to their raucous cries. "They are shrieking for Freedom," said the patriots.
   Thus the eagle, full of the boundless spirit of freedom, living above the valleys, strong and powerful in his might, has become the national emblem of a country that offers freedom in word and thought and an opportunity for a full and free expansion into the boundless space of the future.
--Maude M. Grant

The Eagle became the National emblem in 1782 when the great seal of the United States was adopted. The Great Seal shows a wide-spread eagle, faced front, having on his breast a shield with thirteen perpendicular red and white stripes, surmounted by a blue field with the same number of stars. In his right talon the eagle holds an olive branch, in his left a bundle of thirteen arrows, and in his beak he carries a scroll inscribed with the motto: "E Pluribus Unum." The Eagle appears in the Seals of many of our States, on most of our gold and silver coinage, and is used a great deal for decorative patriotic purposes

The Bald Eagle is a sacred bird in some North American cultures- IT IS CONSIDERED THE SACRED MESSENGER



Since my discovery and my absolute belief I have uncovered the road to safe and clean nuclear fusion- all of which I have openly disclosed I have done so by the grace of GOD- my faith and understanding of the unseen world is as strong as the world of forces we see in front of us-electricity-matter-what we feel and see with our eyes. I have openly said that since the age of 33 I have received many enlightened words of UNITY from my dear lord- and it was my two way communication to such an entity that I will PROUDLY GIVE YOUR WORDS WHEN I DISCOVER A MAJOR SCIENTIFIC FINDING- my reasoning was because I have embarked on such a scientific quest since the age of 17 and it is not complete- with your divine guidance I shall follow and when the day comes in which I believe I have done so- I WILL DECLARE IT TO MY FELLOW CITIZENS AS REAL AS THE WORLD I SEE AROUND ME- thus, for tens years now I have labored for such a truth- and upon the day I have been summoned to a place called the VALLEY OF THE GODS- or in native American words- WARRIORS FROZEN IN TIME-  I have been honored by a ceremony by the unseen forces-FIRST I WAS BLESSED FOR MY STRENGTH TO HAVE ENDURED THIS PHASE AND MY SCIENTIFIC FINDINGS- SECONDLY-TO GIVE TESTAMENT THAT ALL I RECEIVED FOR TEN YEARS WAS TRUE-AND FINALLY- THE REASSURANCE THAT THE NEXT PHASE BEGINS AND I DO NOT STAND ALONE-AN AGE OF UNITY IS DECLARED BY THE HEAVENS-IT IS IN MY WILL THAT TO SEE HARMONY IN JERUSALEM- THE BEGINNING OF A UNIFIED WORLD SHALL FLOWER FIRST IN THE MIDDLE EAST- THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN A WITNESS TO- THE SAME FIRE WHICH HAS SHOWN ITSELF TO MOSES-HAS DONE SO WITH ME AND I HAVE BEEN GIVEN A MISSION- I DO SO FOR THE LOVE OF OUR GOD AND THIS GREAT UNIVERSE—

I realize this is  much to comprehend for you-and I know time will prove my statements—but until then all I can do is PREPARE FOR GLORY- I BELIEVE IT AND I NOW LIVE MY DAYS FOR SUCH-


So now you know my mind set- and here we go-floating down the Lehigh river on a glorious day to be alive indeed- when now two hours into my trip I pass EAGLE ROCK – I can see it as clear as day as I float calmly atop the WATER- I say to myself as I have done so a thousand times – go until the body can go no further-then move on –this is when the eagle will let go- my eyes turn to the right and behold-  AN AMERICAN BALD EAGLE- majestically standing atop a solid branch of a mighty oak tree along the river banks- perched high above of at least 75 feet with only a slight opening of branches in which to see- WITHOUT THOUGHT AND HESITATION- I HUMBLY SAID THE WORDS- GREAT FATHER-GREAT FATHER-THANK YOU-THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE-





King Solomon, the son of King David, established Jerusalem as the city of justice and peace. His name reflects the original name of the city, Shalem. Solomon is said to have been given both "wisdom and knowledge", this is usually taken to mean wise government, the ability to distinguish morally between good and evil, and a thorough understanding of the universe. "Behold I have given you a wise and understanding heart; there has been none like you before you, nor after you shall any arise like you" (Kings 1, 3, 12).

The legend of King Solomon's Seal, of the wondrous signet ring which he received from heaven, is common to Judaism, to Christianity and to Islam. King Solomon's Seal, whose base is on the ground and whose tip reaches heaven, symbolizes a harmony of opposites, whose significance is manifold as much as it is multi-cultural. It reflects the cosmic order, the skies, the movement of the stars in their spheres, and the perpetual flow between heaven and earth, between the elements of air and fire. The Seal, therefore, symbolizes super-human wisdom and rule by divine grace.




Truly all states are relative to an observer. I hear everyone want to prosper in life- to get a good clean job and or career and begin to grow and observe the world around them and enjoy it as much as possible at all moments. Surely I have heard almost everyone i met in my travels not have a thought of becoming a garbageman- or trash collector. but here it is- Relativity- where you find yourself taking out the garbage  to the curb to be picked up by a nobody in the eyes of most people on a weekly basis- I have found one the most enjoyable events of my life. I have always since the age of 17 purposely pushed the limits of both physical and mental endevours- so upon my late evening run ending close to my home I observe a person slightly jogging back and forth across the street picking up garbage--------hmmmmmmmmmm- i say----- immediately i do the calculations- he must do at least several thousand homes per night- where if you wanted to - you could sprint house to house and retrieve a mass of weights  in between. this looked like a very interesting way to expend a large amount of energy. by the next day i was in the offices of the local city garbage company called BFI at 18 years old. I come from a very good middle class home- my intentions were simply to them i dont want money- just let me on the truck -i will do the rest- for insurance purposes they could not- so i was on the books- and my adventures began- it was a strange phenomenon i ran into- for i quickly found a small percentage of people in this company with the same mentality- i remember a favorite partner-Tony Terrell- he was a priest from the nearby town of Bethlehem which borders my town of catasauqua- this guy loved to jog a great deal- but also- money was also an issue for him- obviously not a large parish to support him- nevertheless- there were several individuals like Tony and myself that in which by the 2nd month we weeded everyone out off the company that did  not run hard- i mean we made it like the Olympics- at least 10 separate crews per night would take a truck and hit the city- who ever got back first would get the better truck as your was driven off to the landfill to empty- we get a new driver and truck and finish the job- in the summer grass and so much from more activities of a summer usually took 2 trucks and sometimes three- a solid 6-8 hours of intensive running we made it- i was also blessed along with Tony the priest and several others to be very healthy- so the top three to come back always got a good second truck and ability to get home sooner.

Relative right- a state of mind- where i have no reason whatsoever with money and good family to do the most detested job most people agree on- and yet- i seen no garbage whatsoever- i seen 7-10 miles of running full speed- i seen 5-10 tons of weights everywhere- refrigerator/couches/stoves--everything went and i threw it myself-

This is my relative view of such a position- as i look back on my life of  recent events which have formed my opinions. NO QUESTION everything was meant to be- everything was for a purpose- you see- what i found there running behind a truck off and on for 6 years during my early college years at my own free times- WERE PEOPLE WHO WERE FORCED TO WORK THIS POSITION- i met so many people at the bottom of Maslows pyramid. very poor people-half were ex convicts fron prison -and they were the toughest for what transpired at this company was some kind of gladiator environment- and only the healthiest and strongest could keep up- i remember just like marine corps bootcamp- a good percentage couldn't handle it and simply walked away- i have met the toughest people this planet holds- from the military- to the backs of garbage trucks and so called  criminals that couldn't find any other job because of a system in which if you dont have money-or good network in family- or friends- YOU WILL FALL THRU THE CRACKS AND HIT THE STREETS-

what i have observed.
1. all human beings are great- born perfect as a child with the ability of love creativity-imagination
2.the growth of a child is a function of nature and nurture: nature that it is a function of being born healthy which makes up a large part of our relative state- if we see someone born without a leg- we immediately understand a genetic defect and have patience and understanding- but the same argument is for the child born seemingly perfect on the outside has some mental issue which causes a mental instability- maybe even rage and temper and many actions of a good part of human beings- sometimes we find medicines for these people as children and let then grow under medication in order to alleviate the mental condition-NURTURE- if a child is not nurtured with good love and attention and proper diet will also have a negative impact--the growth of a child is a function of both nature and nurture
3.the state of a civilization and its care for the lowest level of maslows pyramid- because there is not yet the perfect system of care in society to provide a base for people to live above the base level of maslows pyramid- many children live in conditions of poverty and neglect- i see them in many inner cities and behind the garbage truck
4. these phrases we like to label people as convicts-bad people- and such- are merely people like you and me- we are all alike- i am sure there are plenty of rich politicians with many skeletons in their closet- but good money for lawyers to erase tracks- the poor people cannot erase tracks- they make a mistake once- and a record is upon them in which they are left to run the garbage trucks of life- it is being in this situation which continues the level of anger among them call these people bad-or evil is wrong- for i am sure their own mother or father would still love them - as i am sure any normal parent would love their child no matter what-  AND THIS IS GOD TO ALL HIS CHILDREN-
6. we may judge others to be lesser than us- but the parents above understand the mechanism of why some people do bad things in the first place to get in trouble
7. Everything has a reason- everything has a purpose- and everything can be explained- there is no evil- but ignorance- there is no bad person- but sick and neglected ones. some day the world will fully understand all problems are by our own actions- and a society will be reborn in thought to fully understand it is up to us as an individual to treat everyone with the utmost of respect- and when we are healthy and of means it is our duty to help the general welfare of our communities- for in doing so- it also ensures your own existence-
8. Civilization has reached a point in its growth in which global connectivity reduced all borders of the earth to within hours of travel- to grow further as a race we must fully understand our place in this universe-
9. we are made in the highest form of evolution- we are spirits of great compassion creativity imagination and ability to love- and yet- most of us believe in two sides to a story to balance the equation-DO NOT TAKE IT TOO FAR- there comes a point to be logical and aware of our surroundings and place under the realm of greater powers in this universe-
10. we are to unite as a race of people eventually- the framework of such is to begin now in conscious thoughts and subsequently action- a world system in which there is unlimited unrestricted health care for all people- free from armies and war whereby the great surplus of energy expenditure in the military and costs of prison systems and much more can be integrated together to form employment opportunities and jobs for many in order to build the infrastructure of a healthy society- there is no reason whatsoever all parts of the world cannot be built up to the living standards of the best society- it is only our desire to do so-
11.BUT MUCH MORE IMPORTANTLY-the children must be taught to be exceptional good to one another- to not be prejudice- to not be a bully- to care for another as the words of jesus and many of all nations of wisdom have instructed to. it will be in our supervision as adults to teach the children a far greater way to live is merely what we teach them-

this is but a small example of what will naturally occur when a society has mastery over the elements and has the energy to fuel a society with guidelines in order to prosper-  unlimited and clean energy to mother earth shall initiate an age of unity- all of it given by the powers above

Finally- to give this story justice- in the words of  Gary Kareyva, MY friend since elementary school and got him hooked on the truck- 'ITS NOT GARBAGEMAN- ITS TRASH ENGINEER"

Also- quick funny note- the first night i took gary on the truck- there is a place for an individual to hang onto each side of the truck near the back of the truck. we were hanging  on each side as we were traversing several blocks to another destination-  I love the way Gary tells the story- but its something like this----it was several hours of running trash on Garys first night with me- we both hopped on the truck -hes on the right back end- I'm on the left- Garys shakes his head and he is saying to himself- HOW THE HELL DID I GET MYSELF INTO THIS- how did I let Sammy talk me into this- as he was having these disgusting thoughts about running behind a garbage truck- he heard voices from the left side- he knew it was me egging him on with something as usual- he was disgusted for what he was doing- he kinda  didn't care what i was trying to tell him- so he said very reluctantly he did lean his body back a foot or two and turned his head to the left to see what noise I am saying from the other side of the truck- when he did- an awakening for him- it was his golden moment to see from a totally different view point- not just what the majority sees- I WAS NOT ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE TRUCK- I WAS SMACK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HOPPER- A LARGE STEEL BEAM RUNS THE HORIZONTAL TOP IN THE BACK WHICH CONTROLS THE WHOLE DOOR- AS THE TRUCK WAS FLYING THRU THE STREETS OF THE CITY- I WAS DOING PULL UPS- I SEEN GARYS FACE- I LOOKED HIM STRAIGHT IN THE EYE AND SAID- "ISNT THIS GREAT GARY" WITH A VERY LARGE SMILE ON MY FACE-
Gary woke up in an instant- he immediatly realized in a flash- we were together- no boss telling us what to do- running like extreme athletes in the middle of the night having fun sprinting over cars at times- yelling all night GO-and PACK IT to the driver so he keeps up with us as we want that truck exactly even with us as we ran house to house-

I have a great time everywhere I go- its a state of mind- its how you see it-not how others see it-its all Relative

Solomon Azar
The 13th






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