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ENERGY IS THE KEY TO CIVILIZATION- don't believe me- go live just one day in the woods- the valuable resource is getting dry as India and china want to live a little like the west-cant blame them- who I do blame is being on this net for so long as everyone uses their own arrogance and negativity to ignore solutions for energy- how many people have you met in your life that says they solved it- go ahead and ignore this as the rest in past year- when the total economy fails- don't be puzzled as you did nothing- pressure a university to investigate and repeat- I don't want your money-take your energy and help solve the energy crisis


Gamma ray emissions is significant

On February 29, 2008, New Energy Congress member, Robert Indech, PhD PE wrote:

Dear Sterling:

Viewing the video, the author needs to be congratulated for putting his ideas into practice. His technique is to discharge a high voltage (tunable) high frequency Tesla coil into a water bath, which may have some components of heavy water. In the video and comments he mentions putting 6000 watts into the water. Further, he notes that the Tesla coil itself gives off Gamma bursts, so that those measured could not be ascribed directly to the fusion process.

I did see no mention of measurement of high energy neutrons (admittedly which is a very difficult thing to measure). The requirement of 750 KV is mentioned often. Is that the potential needed for acceleration of the hydrogen to produce fusion?

The system could certainly be downsized to experiment with. What frequency is being used to resonate in the water? There are other, more stable power systems rather than Tesla coils, which produce a very clean high voltage, high frequency waveform, but with very little amperage. More significantly, such sources would not have Gamma ray emission, so that any detected rays would necessarily come from the fusion process itself.


 Suggestions for Mechanism Improvement

On March 25, 2008, New Energy Congress member, Robert Indech, PhD PE wrote:

Dear Sterling:

In the Azar Fusion model, a Tesla coil discharging between two electrodes in water creates a plasma state following dissociation of the water to hydrogen and oxygen. The intense electric field causes an acceleration of the hydrogen ions toward the negative electrode, at a velocity that may reach relativistic speeds. As any accelerating charged body also emits a magnetic field, so too does the moving proton. The field so generated is akin to that of the magnetic field around a current carrying wire: the magnetic vector is strictly angular, whose magnitude decreases as the inverse square of the distance between the test point and the moving proton. If there is another moving proton nearby with the same vector direction as the first moving proton, then this magnetic field will give rise to a force on the second proton that is directed radially inward to the first proton. A bunching up of the parallel protons, or "squeeze" will occur. These equations and effects are fully described in the inventors "scientific" disclosure.

The inventor makes the leap that the subsequent radial velocity caused by this magnetic bunching effect is sufficient to overcome the natural Coulombic repulsion between these two protons, so much so that fusion will occur. For proton fusion, a velocity equivalent to 200-300 million degrees Kelvin is necessary IN THE RADIAL DIRECTION BETWEEN THE FUSION PROTONS. For deuterium fusion, only 20-30 million degrees Kelvin equivalent velocity. The Telsa coil pulse provides a longitudenal acceleration of the protons; it is the magnetic pinch effect that provides the radial acceleration. Thus, simply increasing the intensity of the Tesla coil may achieve a change in longitudenal velocity from .95 to .98 of the speed of light, but the corresponding radial net velocity would not be anywhere near that amount.

It is possible, however, for fusion to occur in isolated regions of the wave pathway between the two electrodes, as an accelerated proton in split water may impact a water molecule just before it has been split; in this case the enormous velocity imparted to the proton may be sufficient to overcome the Coulombic barrier. However, this is not a magnetic pinch effect, but it may give rise to some low level evidence of fusion occurring. In this case, one should do an energy balance to see if the net process is economically profitable (i.e. muon based fusion is possible, but not profitable).

The major problem with the Farnsworth Fusor is instability. The Fusor, when operated at fusion levels, with give rise to jets of ions which escape the spherical confining field. Thus, the Fusor fusion is possible, but not profitable. Perhaps this inventor can combine the two technologies, and utilize the magnetic pinch effect to bring stability to the fusion process, thus making the device possible and profitable. That is, utilize a deuterium water source, use a tunable Tesla coil to energize two electrodes, both electrodes set at the output potential of the coil, and surround the electrodes with a grounded open type electrical wire sphere. The AC oscillation induced by the Telsa coil may be sufficient to create stability so that ion jets do not form. Just a suggestion.

 Promising Concept

On March 25, 2008, Daniel Bowers wrote:


I will admit that the calculations behind the physics are over my head but I understand magnetic fields, fields of energy, and how it is necessary to smash particles together to capture nuclear energy.

A plasmoid is a stabilized ball of plasma which is contained within its own magnetic field. Chukanov discovered this and along with his work in cold fusion has grasped the concept.

The Bussard Polywell device with concentric magnetic fields is a way to manipulate the flow of the plasma to get the necessary reaction. It was adapted from the Farnsworth–Hirsch Fusor.

After much experience reviewing plasma systems and every type of fusion reactor known to the wiki world and after reviewing the noble fuse technology I have come to a conclusion.

The concepts behind the Azar Fusion device are sound. Sandia National Labs achieved temperatures in excess of 2 billion degrees kelvin which is hot enough to achieve aneutronic fusion of Boron 11. For Mr. Azar to achieve the temperatures and the necessary velocity in order for fusion to occure with hydrogen or deuterium is very much conceivable. 100 to 300 million degrees kelvin in this device seems possible.

Last month you asked me to review a magnetohydrodynamic ocean generator which used the water as the containment field for a solid state magnet generator. Mr. Azar has applied the same principle to his technology utilizing the water to contain the magnetic field. Within this magnetic field electricity is passing at a high speed and the ionized particles get caught in the plasma pinch.

The concept for using a toroid to give increased efficiency is one that is applied in most fusion reactors to date.

The potential for scaleability, the simplicity and reproducability of the Noble Fusion technology gives this system merit when it comes to the development of viable free energy devices.

There are novel concepts with water based fusion reactors when it comes to containment and replenishing fuel. I believe that there is the potential for atmospheric pressure devices and much development that may stem from this technology. My first suggestion would be to employ the concept of the Farnsworth Hirsch Fusor in a heavy water based reaction vessel.

If the technology can be validated it will open the doors to the development of optimized devices. I have many recommendations for alternate configurations in mind but I wil save those for another day.

Hello, my name is Solomon Azar-   I HAVE FOUND THE ROAD TO SAFE CLEAN NUCLEAR FUSION- When this is found and understood- the energy crisis will end- I have been looking at this system since 2002 and it is perfect in every way. I finished my experiments April-2007. I have since that time tried to the best of my abilities to inform many people upon the net- there is no question It would be nice if concerned  citizens would offer suggestions or help provoke a university to simply repeat my experiment to end the energy crisis--  maybe after this next global nuclear war OVER ENERGY will people learn the lesson- when presented with solutions in life FREELY- CHASE THEM.



I have performed an experiment never done before in science- I used a Tesla coil for its use in high voltage high frequency  and apply its discharge plasma not upon the dielectric of free air- but to the dielectric of water itself- specifically I used ultrapure reagent grade water from manufacture NERL-this is to establish the high degree of insulation needed for plasma (you cannot have contaminants for conductivity)- I doped my water with heavy water from the manufacturer UNITED NUCLEAR-(however- a full concentration of heavy water is desired)- I built my 1 million volt Tesla coil entire tunable- every aspect of it- as it must be done to TUNE THE OUTPUT DISCHARGE OF THE TESLA COIL to the water itself- once the arc is stable- the voltage may be increased- I have written in my pdf file in my website of noblefuse.com that a prerequisite of 750 kv is needed as an electric field gradient about the charged particles used in fusion( in this case the hydrogen bound in the water molecule) because of voltage drops as expected as in all electrical systems upon the load (load here is the water)- a much higher voltage is needed in order to distribute the voltage gradient upon entire arc plasma length between electrodes in water-


Power reactor in which the heat is dissipated from the core using highly pressurized water (about 160 bar) to achieve a high temperature and avoid boiling within the core. The cooling water transfers its heat to the secondary system in a steam generator. Example: Grohnde Nuclear Power Plant in Germany with an electrical output of 1,430 MW.


Replace the rod assemblies and use electrodes to conduct the Lightning bolt! High Voltage High frequency will create the magnetic pinch to slam the isotopes of hydrogen together which is bound in water- helium and oxygen are the outgassed products recaptured by expansion tanks-it is absolutely perfect!


_ I HAVE FOUND THE TRUE PURPOSE OF THE TESLA COIL- the answer was always in the lightning bolt- understanding of gamma bursts from lightning discharges have only been recently vindicated from satellite in late 90s---

CA 94305 United States
Said, R ( ) , STAR Lab, Electrical Engineering, 350 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA 94305 United States
Smith, D M ( ) , Physics Department and Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics, University of California, Santa Cruz, 1156 High Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95064 United States
Lopez, L I ( ) , Astronomy Department and Space Sciences Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720 United States

The observation of brief (<1 ms) bursts of intense γ-rays, the so-called Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes (TGFs), by the BATSE γ-ray experiment was one of the most unexpected discoveries by the Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory.

Let me try to give another analogy to make the point. think about striking a match, if all conditions are proper , one knows that to strike a match, you must go a minimum speed- you cannot strike the match too slowly- this is understood as more speed is more friction and thus more activation energy necessary to create combustion of the match material. the same applies to this fusion system, first, imagine my system as inside a pressurized water reactor used in fission plants- the moderator is already heavy water- we shall use it as the fuel. I have said the plasma arc looks exactly like our friend the electric lightning bolt- but I talk about in my pdf file- that the so called lightning bolt must be understood in regards to high voltage and frequency- just like the minimum speed needed for the match- so it is with the combination on high voltage and frequency to not only resonate with the dielectric molecule of heavy water- but more so- to create a minimum velocity upon charged particles in the fuel water. this velocity is also exhibiting itself as a magnetic field-think of the cathode ray scope- in a snap shot instant in time for analysis, look at when the maximum energy is being applied on a per strike basis of the input cycle- or shall we say the highest amplitude of the ac signal. if for example- an input energy of one megawatt was injected into the strike of the arc- a magnetic pinch shall be directed upon the charged particles in transit of the discharge- in a thermodynamic extraction process such as this - we need at least 5 times more energy out of the system to recoup our initial energy input- and a surplus for commercial energy supply- thus- via fusion of hydrogen to helium- with each strike- a minimum voltage and frequency SHALL give the minimum activation energy required for magnetic pinching and fusion of the isotopes of hydrogen. to increase the q of the reaction in this system- a magnetic toroid may be used around the plasma arc for increased efficiency= such as used in tokamak devices. I hope this analogy helps those who question this system- THANK YOU--


Here is a thought experiment for electromagnetic fusion with Einstein in mind


Pretend you are water-you are an oxygen atom- you are stable- you are noble- 8 protons-8 neutrons-and 8 electrons- there are only 5 magic shell nuclear elements of the periodic table- oxygen is one of them- it is very stable-


Therefore- you are stable and noble- you have no need for fusion- yet it could happen- but the probability of another element such as hydrogen and its isotopes would be made to fuse together in some kind of fashion mankind tries will occur way before oxygen does- - ok-so now you are this noble one and you have outstretched in your hands a hydrogen atom and or its isotope deuteron and you hold it out to mankind as a gift-


Man understands the gift of fusion for many years and is desperately trying to do such-


I propose electromagnetic fusion- I propose the BENNET pinch used in poloidal currents used in plasmas of tokomaks- but much further-


Here we go – the thought experiment- you are this oxygen atom with two hydrogen’s and you stand amongst your friends similar in nature. You are placed in a large vessel filled of your kind-now imagine that two walls opposing in this vessel are the plates of a capacitor- who cares what is applied to the capacitor plates (electrodes of system)-for all you know as a noble oxygen and the hydrogen you have in your hands is nothing more than the electric field upon the plates-


You are composed of charged particles- thus you will interact with the applied electric field of the plates-this is common electronics and electric knowledge-


However, I speak of dielectric breakdown- I speak of the lightning bolt- let us now assume we have made the capacitor plates oscillate at 1 million volts peak to peak as way of a tesla coil


Think of the electric field- everything will be controlled by this field- a dielectric breakdown will occur- and all discharge current will begin to flow and oscillate as a function of the applied voltage-


Now- you are in the heart of a lightning bolt- you who are noble as a oxygen probably lost all your valence electrons due to the magnitude of such a high electric field- every charged particle in transit of the discharge current is surely ionized and talks of being a complete water molecule should be erased- the state of this plasma current is nothing more than ionized hydrogen and oxygen and a complete sea of electrons-


Let us think first of the electrons- 1896 times smaller than protons- no question it will oscillate much faster as a function to the applied voltage- remember the cathode ray scope- basic physics also will say this charged particle will also have a magnetic field about itself because of the electric field that has driven it-thus- this oscillating electron current will have an intrinsic magnetic field

Let us now think of the protons- oxygen has 8 and surrounded by 8 neutrons and is far less likely for reaction than isotopes of hydrogen for fusion- this should merely be understood by refereeing to atomic tables of elements and known theory- but this hydrogen is a singly bound proton with mass one- unless we speak of a deuteron- it will also be controlled exactly the same way as the electron is affected by the external applied voltage- however- it is opposite to the electrons motion-and much slower by its mass – however-its magnetic field will add to that of the electrons- this is standard knowledge of magnetic field generation of charged particles by way of electric fields-


Thus, in this thought experiment- within this state of dielectric breakdown- I like to say the lightning bolt- can you now see the oscillation of the charged particles by such a large magnitude of the applied voltage plates- can you now see the probability at a certain moment in time- particularly when the applied ac signal is greatest- that all magnetic fields of charged particles in transit can have the power to be magnetically pinched-


Magnetics have push and pull- it is well known that high frequency causes a constriction upon electrical currents- whether in copper lines and forcing such to the surface- or in plasma and made use to constrict it -  high frequency is known to constrict the currents- thus- do you see the forces I am referring to as this dielectric breakdown has occurred upon the most perfect fuel of the heavens- water- this oxygen atom holds the hydrogen for us- we shall apply a high voltage (high is relative- I have stated 750kv in the vicinity of the hydrogen for fusion- I come to this by way of understanding the beta decay of a free neutron- if it can disintegrate- it can come together- made into a deuteron- then made into helium)-


Thus –we make helium and oxygen is then unbound and must also be recaptured- this is easy in expansion tanks- the byproducts are helium and oxygen-truly noble-


To increase the q of this system- a simple toroidal magnet as used in tokamaks for plasma control may be used for additional pinching-


I hope this helps- however- you must always think of the applied electric field and its magnetic inducement upon the charged particles- we will stably run the Tesla coil upon the dielectric of water itself (more appropriately heavy water) and turn up the voltage for greater acceleration speeds and thus magnetic fields- we can control pressure in this vessel- we can control electrode spacing and so much more-

 that is my thought experiment for you to understand it is my intention to use all input energy by way of oscillating a very large electric field which will induce the proper magnetic flux density in units of Tesla for a pinching- not established hot fusion whereby all energy input is chaotic and the probability of fusion comes by way of statistics from a gas equation- no- high voltage and high frequency in an orderly manner by the construction of a man made lightning bolt with controllable parameters inside an existing pressurized nuclear reactor- everything is off the shelf-  the world will run on steam power again globally-from trains-factories-ships-and all power plants- I offer the Watt steam engine again- not with two sticks to make fire and boil the water- but electromagnetic fusion with two electrodes to induce fusion of hydrogen isotopes to boil water and make steam- it is absolutely perfect.


To the CEO's of nuclear power plants-or pressurized coal fired- you have spare reactors in the back yards of your plants- take a 1 million volt tesla coil and do what I have said- you will measure its fusion reactions and you will conclude this - I have found the road to safe clean energy.

I speak plain science- please connect the dots and let us end this energy crisis for a world that desperately needs energy- May the light of God shine upon all our actions for the betterment of mankind


Solomon Sami Azar



update-after 33 months on this net- it seems evident people do not care until the machine breaks, right before our eyes our economy collapses as inflation and energy costs have been eating at our economy for some time now- maybe even global war with russia and iran will you finally care to investigate. Time will tell.


Nov 13- 2009



Not two sticks- But two electrodes


my system  will in time be viewed as simple as two sticks to make fire as early man, Fire from water with two electrodes in the 21st century will take mankind to a bright and prosperous future as we progress together

not two sticks but two electrodes
This is a picture of the very first transistor- it looks nothing like a real production transistor- but principle applies--what I have demonstrated with a Tesla coil of high voltage high frequency and have written in PDF- should be clear to the trained eye- that I- Solomon Azar- Have invented the first practical fusion generator system

An outline of the NFG science  created in PDF format







I thank God for Strength

MY 43RD BIRTHDAY ON JANAUARY 13-2008-also the date of baptism of Christ-fire from water-time will tell


I fundamentally believe I have solved the energy crisis. this is a very hard state of mind to be in possession of when you hear a world crying for energy solutions and greenhouse gases. - I concluded my tests on palm sunday-april-2007- However, knew it would work since late 2002- I tried to relay this openly since then such as  several at los alomos laboratories and sandia labs- they like it-but too speculative and they are too invested in something else- so I continue upon my own efforts and just build it-

I have been trying to ask the public to spread this discovery so many will see it- for out of many a few select will understand- I have tried every possible angle to spread this- even religious to no avail- I have tried some fusion journals- but my system is completely new and not understood- I am the first human being to do this- thus- it will take time for the next and so forth- The day you have a positive frame of mind- you will understand this process- look at the stable plasma arc within the heavy water itself contained by all parameters in a pressurized vessel- my video is real- not fancy graphics- if I alone with junkyard parts can do this- what can a nuclear power plant and staff do with a spare reactor in their backyard? clean nuclear safe fusion right here- I dare you to prove me wrong- but it would be nice if you prove me right :)

- I am bewildered as to how many don't care- ENERGY IS THE KEY TO CIVILAZATION_PERIOD___will you do something about this? or must the global economy be destroyed before you care.

june 13-2008


if you want to save the world from global war and economic collapse from energy - email princeton plasma labs and force them to repeat my experiment as they are too arrogant to listen to the deed of an outsider- when my system proves true to save the world of greenhouse gases and clean energy for all nations- you will say- THANK GOD--http://www.pppl.gov/-

or the American energy department-http://www.ne.doe.gov/


earlier work




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