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On the Origin of Relativity

Buried in this ideology within my paper " on the origin of relativity" is the mechanism which I followed to attempt a Tesla coil in heavy water for nuclear fusion- made approx.- 2001

On the Origin of Relativity


Sam Azar


In the search to explain Coulomb's law, the electric permitivity eo, and the magnetic permeability uo, the structure of the universe from the cosmos to the atom itself is revealed, and possibly the actual cause of the Earth's magnetic field. The paper is concluded with proposals to test the arguments

· The velocity of all mass via the big bang is the speed of light. It has direction and velocity; hence it shall be called the expansion vector.

· There is only one fundamental entity in the known universe, loosely known as corpuscles, photons, strings, or quanta. I shall refer to it as quanta "q".

· Everything in the universe thus travels through space at the speed of light, thus an intrinsic magnetic field about every entity q, whereby the most fundamental equation known of a magnetic field is B = (q*k'*v)/r2. Where k'=uo/4p e. uo is the magnetic permeability. Thus a "north" and "south" field about entity q.

· The force between quanta traveling together through the universe via expansion vector is exactly the same as the magnetic pinch effect between charges.

· If the magnetic field B = (q*k'*v)/r2 is caused by each quanta thru space,

· And f=q*v*k'*B is the force on q in a magnetic field B,

· Then the force between quanta is F=(k'*q*q'*v2)/r2

· K' multiplied by v2 is Coulombs constant K!

· Thus, Coulombs constant is the magnitude of force between quanta that has resulted from the energy via the big bang which resides itself in the magnetic field of each quanta.

Full Text:

Electromagnetic Wave or Corpuscular Photons? It is known that the scientific data gathered via experiments and observation fall with equal weights under a perfect bell curve for a bootstrap wave with Maxwell Hertz or for the classically applied corpuscles "elastically" held to idealized blackbody vibrators. It was Newton who first coined the term corpuscular, as he believed it to be so. With the aid of further advancements since Newton, particularly the theory of relativity by Einstein, "atomic" physics, and an understanding of Magnetism, it is concluded that all matter is composed of corpuscles, which possess an intrinsic magnetic field via the big bang, which are in themselves the "additional" reason for "wavelike" behavior along with the vibratory nature of atoms.

The following is strongly believed to be correct in the "major form". I begin with the special theory of relativity to start the argument.

  1. E = m* c2: Energy of radiation has been equated to mass. The energy of radiation "given off" by the body of mass is equivalent to the mass loss of the body, conversely the energy, E, of radiation "absorbed" by the body is "converted" to mass of the body. These statements are fundamental to the whole subject of atomic physics. Thus, by Einstein, "The mass of a body is a measure of its energy content".

2. M= Mo/((1-v2/c2)1/2) "The relativistic mass equation". The relativistic mass M is a function of its rest mass, Mo, and its velocity in space.

3. The most fundamental equation for magnetism is B = (q*k'*v)/r2, whereby k'=uo/4p e. uo is the magnetic permeability. The magnetic field, B, is a function of an entity q's velocity thru space. It will be shown that M=(the product of B and q), which in essence means that mass is electromagnetic in origin and a function of its velocity thru space.

4. M=Mo when v=0: A very important realism is seen here and yet not fully appreciated. Mo is the rest mass. Though it is called "rest mass", the "rest mass" is not at all at rest. It has an enormous value of energy "intrinsic" to it. Truly all states are relative. Relative to our home planet Earth, we are at rest relative to earth of zero velocity when sitting and accordingly some value when we walk or run. Relative to the surrounding space encompassing the Earth we travel at a large velocity without our slightest knowledge via the earths spin. Relative to the sun, we travel at approx, 72,000 miles per hour. Our solar system has a spin about the galaxy of approx 600,000 miles/hour, our galaxy has a spin about its own galactic center, and our galactic cluster has a velocity around the central point origin of the universe. The overriding and most precedent of these "relative" velocities is the outward expansion of the universe dubbed the expanding universe and theorized as a result of a big bang explosion hurtling all mass outwards from "center". This overriding and most precedent of velocities I shall name the expansion vector, for it surely has velocity and direction.

5. Mo=M' /((1-v2/c2)1/2) Thus, the "rest mass" of now is the result of some primordial mass M' prior to expansion velocity, for we cannot simply ignore it. It must be understood now that although many "relative velocities" are taken place, only the most precedent and largest of the velocity components is considered. All mass, including earth, is traveling through space at the expansion vector. All smaller velocities are relative and not important in this paper. For example, in the understanding of electricity, if 100 volts were impressed onto a conducting wire and made to perform work, the power is a function of volts times current as depicted by Ohms law. It is inconsequential if on that conducting wire "other voltages" of smaller value (rule of thumb in electrical power is less than ten times can be essentially ignored such as a 5 volt noise component or a 100 millivolt noise component of different frequency). The analogy being all smaller velocities relative to space are insignificant to the overwhelming velocity of the expansion velocity. This is analogously mathematically equivalent to disregarding all terms beyond the first in the binomial theorem.

6. E = h*f, and m*c2= h*f, and then m = h*f /c2: Postulate one: The fundamental entity is the corpuscle, or quanta in which I shall refer to hereafter, is when f=1, m=7.37* 10-51 kg. Thus, a proton contains 2.27* 1023 quanta (mass of proton / mass of quanta). An electron, or cloud, or orbital, contains 1.24* 1020 quanta (mass of electron / mass of quanta) I use f=1 for it must be the fundamental quanta, any multiple of f such as f=1014 or visible light is implying the atom oscillate at 1014 and at each oscillation quanta is broken from its "layers".

7. These "layers" are in fact related to (though not exactly) the circular orbit layers, "n", which are neglected in Bohr's theory as a physical reality but critical for another purpose, and also the radius values in quantum mechanics are closely tied to these "layers", more appropriately via mass-spring systems. Bohr noted himself that it was just as applicable to note circular "stationary" orbits of layers were possible, but then how could he get his intrinsic magnetic spins and balancing act as he did so with revolving electrons. There is no revolving in an atom, there is no spin on its axis of an electron or any "charged particle". All intrinsic spin is the magnetic field and is inherent via all entities traveling thru space at a very large velocity. This field is a function of some fundamental "primordial entity" q, with a velocity in space. Space will be distorted about q as a function of Uo, a natural "resistance" of space itself. This is magnetism.

8. Postulate Two: Each individual quanta has an intrinsic magnetic field about it via the expansion vector. Magnetism by definition is the velocity of q in space. A fundamental understanding must be appreciated here in that any q with a velocity to space will have a magnetic field with respect to space. This magnetic field is a deformation of space. To describe a magnetic field it must encompass equally its effect on the surrounding space (r2 about entity q).

9. A characteristic of magnetism is the resulting field of flux surrounding the charged entity. By convention, a negatively charged entity traveling in one particular direction will have a determined orientation of its flux lines. The intensity and orientation of the flux lines are relative to the speed and direction of the charged entity. The opposite orientation of flux lines is exhibited with a positive entity with same physical parameters of speed and direction; only the orientation of flux lines has changed (for example a clockwise direction around the electron in a direction along an axis, whereas a counterclockwise direction around a proton traveling in the same direction). This realization is best described with the "field concept" as developed by Michael Faraday.

Also, and of the most significant consequences, entities of same charge and direction will attract one another (magnetic pinch effect), repel if opposite charge with same direction! This is a critical statement in respect to static charges whereby a static positive and negative charge attract each other and like charges repel each other.

10. Postulate Three: Mo = B = (q*k'*v)/r2: Rest mass Mo is equal to the entity quanta traveling thru space with the expansion velocity as a function of magnetic permeability Uo of space. Thus, mass is a function of the expansion energy via the expansion velocity. "q" is quanta in its "electric charge" sense, v is the expansion velocity, Uo is magnetic permeability. R2 is the distortion of space about an idealized entity q.

11. Postulate Four: The velocity of the expansion vector is the speed of light. When this is true uo, magnetic permeability, becomes eo, the electric permitivity. As amazingly unbelievable this postulate might sound, it makes mathematical sense, besides what in the universe and life itself is not amazingly unbelievable?

For example, If the universe is expanding at the velocity of light, then the magnetic force between two point charges traveling side by side thru space is equivalent to and is the "magnetic pinch effect", -(This is the most fundamental postulate and physical process occurring in this paper) is given by:

F= (k'*q*q'*v2)/r2, where k'=uo/4p e

(K' is a measure of the force between charges q)

Coulombs law is: F = (k*q*q')/r2, where k=1/(4p eeo)

(K is a measure of the force between charges q)

When the expansion of the universe is equal to that of light , v2= k/k'=c2=1/(uo*eo)

(k'*q*q'*v2)/r2 = (k*q*q')/r2

Thus, the only fundamental facet of space is uo, or magnetic permeability. When quanta travel at v=c, then the force between quanta becomes eo or coulombs law. The earth, and the universe, is at constant velocity of c thru space, uo becomes eo in our "relative state". The electric permitivityeo is the "relative state" of uo traveling at the expansion velocity. Also, how many equations are known in physics that include the speed of light. We travel at the velocity of light.

12. Conclusions: There is only one fundamental entity in our local universe called quanta, also loosely called corpuscles, photons, or "strings". Its mass is m=7.37* 10-51 kg. It has an intrinsic magnetic field about it via the expansion of the universe and uo. In our relative "stationary" state, the attraction between quanta is eo or coulombs law. They are fundamental magnetic components. It was mentioned that in respect to static charges whereby a static positive and negative charge attract each other and like charges repel each other. The proton is an accumulation of quanta; the magnetic components bind together to a fundamental density in the shape of a sphere. There are two very real possible proton formations possible. One: Magnetic polarities of each quanta in an arrangement to make a "magnetic monopole". For example, all magnets have north and south, this is merely a relative statement for the idealized point charge/entity. For example, if they bind together in such a way as if all "south or north poles" of each quanta face outwards then the surface of the spherical proton will depict either all north or south, somewhat like an idealized monopole. Thus protons would not bind to each other, they are repelled (like charges repel), also they still have their south or north monopole field about them, thus all free quanta will still be attracted to the proton like "a sphere of uniform positive electrification", as J.J. Thomson once said. It will accumulate onto the proton until the proton field is cancelled, "an electron layers worth". Second Proton formation possibility is dipolar in aggregate which lends itself to an overall intrinsic magnetic dipole nature. Thus electron quanta layering will also be dipolar.

13. I have yet to see the "repulsion" of electrons as the second category of like charges. As is known, static generators can accumulate large values of electron charge onto a sphere, thus where is the repulsion? Deflection via electrostatics in cathode ray tubes is realized as "electrons" or free quanta are attracted to the "proton" or "positive side", not repulsion from the "negative side".

14. A question arises as to why is the mass of the proton much greater than the mass of the electron layer with same charge values. It is speculated that with the initial quanta formation into a sphere, the proton, it's "Guassian" field value ends up this way. To cancel or neutralize this field only requires so much quanta, an electron layers worth?

15. The nuclear force, which binds the nucleus, is a function of the neutral particle the neutron. Of course the neutron itself is an aggregation of quanta only. Whether it is a collapsed hydrogen atom with additional quanta, or disorganized arrangement of quanta for overall charge of zero, and magnetic moment. Nevertheless, the neutron is some kind of interface between the protons.

16. The atom is an aggregation of one entity, quanta. Each quanta has an intrinsic magnetic field and is binding to the atom like a crystal lattice with vibrational modes via Planck's blackbody idealization and subsequently quantum mechanics. To break the bonds of the "layers" of the atom via n*h*f, one must match the energy which binds it to the atom. Greater amounts of quanta are more layers removed per oscillation of the atom.

To achieve Radiation form of quanta, the energy of all rest mass or rest quanta is via the expansion velocity, its energy resides in the intrinsic magnetic field per quanta and now binding to other quanta in an atom. To break the bond, energy is needed to match the binding energy. The quanta will be broken off like a bound spring under tension. It will release isotropically from the atom in layers of n*h*f with a speed of c because this was the energy given in the beginning, and something fundamental to space itself. The process will continue via quantum mechanics until the plasma state or ionization state of a layer of quanta "electron" is removed, these are the electronic states, and continue linearly through ionization as n*h*f radiation still occurs as more energy is released, however now at x-ray to gamma ray wavelengths, where each period of the "wavelength" is an amount of quanta layers. A quote by Samuel Glasstone from his book "Sourcebook on Atomic Energy", "It may perhaps be permissible to consider radiation as consisting of photons whose statistical distribution is represented by an equation of the form applicable to the propagation of waves".

17. There is no "rigid point particle" alone in space with rigid boundaries, about the entity q is the magnetic field. Its boundary walls are magnetic described by r2", thus a "springiness" to it. It's appearance is that of a "bubble', or more precisely a "magnetic bubble". The quanta, q, has a velocity thru space via expansion vector, thus an intrinsic magnetic field about it, B=(q*k'*v)/r2. the r2 is the distortion of space about q. It is the magnetic field. The de Broglie equation of l=h/mv is realized as lambda, the wavelength, is r2 magnetic field about q. Thus, de Broglie equation is depicting the special theory of relativity whereby an increase in velocity of the mass will correspond to wavelength variations as in B = (q*k'*v)/r2. An increase in velocity will change the magnetic field about q. Einstein's special theory of relativity of mass increase from v=0 up to v=c is an energy increase via velocity thru space and exhibited in a stronger magnetic field about fundamental q as exhibited by B= (q*k'*v)/r2 per quanta. Thus, the theory of relativity is a statement about relative velocities with respect to space, its physical significance is now understood in the realm of magnetism which in itself is a function of velocity in space.

18. A statement by Einstein,"Thence we conclude that a balance clock at the equator must go more slowly, by a very small amount, than a similar clock situated at one of the poles under otherwise identical conditions". This is realized as the increase in energy/mass as a result of velocity increase is by the stronger attraction via the quanta within the atoms. Again the magnetic pinch effect is given by:

F= (k'*q*q'*v^2)/r2, where k'=uo/4p e. The relativistic mass increase above the rest mass is realized as a stronger magnetic field within the atom themselves as a function of velocity thru space. Thence we conclude atomic processes are affected.

19. The relativistic mass equation M= Mo/((1-v2/c2)1/2) is relative to our stationary state of the expansion velocity. The relativistic mass equation relative to "absolute space" must then be M=Mo/((1-(v2+c)/2c2))1/2). The limit of velocity of free quanta is the speed of light relative to our stationary state. Relative to "absolute space" or the expansion vector, it is twice the speed of light.

20. There is no "positive" or "negative" charged entities in space. There is only one entity q with an intrinsic magnetic field as a function of its velocity thru space. In our stationary state of "now" which is at a constant speed of the value of light, they bind together as generally discussed in 12,13 above to give "relative values" of north and south about itself and consequently via coulombs law as positive and negative as Benjamin Franklin has named. Thus, we may say that the proton is a concentration of a "south field"(south or north is arbitrary, however, maybe in time there will be a proper nomenclature of south and north, and is possible we are now making the same mistake as Franklin). An electron layers worth of quanta is attracted to the proton. An electron layers worth of quanta may be ionized from the proton, and as magnets would still bind together in "free space" as in cathode ray tubes and behave as individual particles (photoelectric effect).

21. Gravity: In the aggregation of magnetic quanta into atoms themselves, the overall balance that results is the attraction of gravity itself. Gravity is the resultant composite field of the atom. General relativity is the description of the curvature and distortion of space itself by mass. Quanta is the fundamental entity in the universe. It has an intrinsic magnetic field about. The magnetic field itself distorts and curves space. The whole atom is the composite field of balanced magnetic quanta. Thus, G, the gravitational coupling between matter is the composite of uo and eo in the overall binding of the complete atoms.

22. Inertia: Lenz's law describes the "resistance of space itself" via uo as a function of a change in velocity, only during accelerations as in all ac circuitry does it occur. Inertial mass is analogously the same during accelerations. Magnetic permeability uo is applicable for individual quanta, free charges as electrons and protons during acceleration. It is the relativistic mass of the moving body M= Mo/((1-v2/c2)1/2), and conversely B = (q*k'*v)/r2. As with gravity, inertial mass is the composite of uo and eo of an atom during acceleration with respect to space. Inertial mass will behave analogously like ac circuitry of idealized point charges with acceleration.

23. About the entity q is the magnetic field described by r2. This field is permanent via the expansion vector. The magnetic field is created as a result of entity q's movement thru space and space's natural resistance uo. Why? I have no idea. Questions like this make me feel like Alistair Sim in the Christmas Carol when he declared, " I don't know anything, I never did know anything, but now I know that I don't know anything".

24. To Test only free quanta.

I propose the following to settle this matter. Oscillate a super conductive wire to act as a simple dipole transmitter. If the wire only possesses a magnetic field with no emission of an electromagnetic wave, the matter is settled. There is no bootstrap wave in space and thus no Maxwellian displacement current as a function of the ether. If the above is true there is only free quanta, in a superconductive state it will continue to oscillate as there is not enough "resistance" in the superconducting wire to "rip" quanta from their atoms.

25. To Test the expansion vector

A question via the above argument, it has been argued that absolute space is nearly impossible to find, only relative values. Is it possible for the expansion vector which is assumed to be the greatest of the relative velocities to have an impact on the molten core of the Earth. Is this the true reason behind the Earth's magnetic poles? Does this give us an understanding of our place in the universe? Is there more to the brightness of the North Star? Spectral data of surrounding stars about Earths magnetic poles which are then assumed to be in line with the expansion vector may be used for analysis. Pole reversals may be caused by meteor impact like a demagnetizing hammer or internal earthquakes.





     I have found the road to safe fusion since late 2002- here is a primitive early tape in 2003 made to send to people who might be interested


and now its 2008- how long for clean energy?  you are free citizen and want change- then do something

After many years of possessing a system to address the energy crisis and trying to inform a public which cries for energy- My patience goes down and my temperament goes up- I know my science deeds will result in the road to safe unlimited clean energy for our world- I have been fully aware that by posting my convictions to god on the net would severely reduce my credibility-- in a world by majority that prays to god- I have been spoken to-guided-and chosen to deliver a message-My sanity and health are as strong as ever- what I have been told will make complete sense as it has done so with many friends and family when told to in person- to understand it by way of typing on this keyboard or snippets from others sites will never give it justice- when my science is vindicated- I will be in the public- it will make complete sense in the future- have faith:)

I wrote a letter to David Bowie- and then some;)  what do you think?



 I copied the following from a website after someone told me the expansion vector I have named points to the star regulus- the person who has identified this is Bernard Pietsch.  at


Regulus, the Ruler or Lawgiver,
the Heart of the Lion


As the brightest star in Leo, Regulus almost always has been universally associated in ancient cultures with the concept of royalty or kingly power. The name Regulus coomes from the Latin rex, or king. The star was known in Arabia as Malikiyy, the Kingly One; in Greece, as the "Star of the King"; in ancient Babylon, as Sharru or the King; to the even more ancient Akkadians of Mesopotamia it represented Amil-gal-ur, the legendary King of the Celestial Sphere who ruled before the great flood.

The Hindu title Magha signifies the Mighty or the Great One. The Persian name Miyan means the Central One or the Star of the Center. The Latin Cor Leonis is the equivalent of the later Arabian Al Kalb al Asad, the Heart of the Royal Lion.

Regulus is known as one of the four Royal Stars of the heavens, the other three being Aldebaran, Fomalhaut, and Antares. Regulus is the northern Royal Star, in the constellation Leo. These four Royal Stars are considered the sentinels watching over other stars and form a Fixed Cross in the heavens (there is a hidden meaning in this configuration and the term Fixed Cross, you might meditate on this).

Regulus lies at the base of the Sickle of Leo, resembling a reversed question mark some 16 degrees (*) high. To modern sky watchers the Sickle outlines the majestic head and mane of the great westward-facing lion, crouching in the regal pose of the enigmatic Egyptian Sphinx.

Regulus is only 1/2 a degree* from the ecliptic (the apparent path of the sun through the heavens, as viewed from the earth), therefore a relatively common sight is to find the moon or a bright planet passing close to Regulus, and now and again to occult (all of a star or any celestial object is visually blocked by another sphere) it. Regulus was occulted by Venus on July 7, 1959, an exceedingly rare event. According to modern computations, no other occultation by a first magnitude star will occur for several centuries. Remarkably, the planet Venus came within 1.1 degree of Regulus on August 6, 1992, but the sun blocked our ability to view this "near" conjunction from the earth.

Regulus, a first magnitude star, is the 21st brightest star in our sky. Its estimated diameter is five times that of our sun (our sun is about one million miles wide), with a luminosity of 160 times our sun. It is 85 light years from Earth; this means it takes 85 years for the light which is emitted from Regulus, in present time, to actually be visible to us on Earth. What we see today is an 85-year old picture of Regulus!

Regulus has also been known as the Ruler, the Lawgiver. When we think of the word Regulus we can relate it to a regulator. In the dictionary, regulate means "to make regular; put in good order; adjust by rule." A regulator is "one who or that which regulates; a lever for regulating motion." We know that the quality of the star Sirius is of freedom and liberation from all that hinders evolution. (Every year the sun passes in front of the star Sirius at the Fourth of July, our freedom or Independence Day. Bastille Day, France's independence day, and Canada's independence day all fall in the month of July as the sun passes through the field of the Dog, Canis Major.)

There is more real occultism hidden in the names give to the various stars by astronomers down the ages than has yet been realized. Esoterically Sirius uses Regulus as its lens.
             - a quote from the Ancient Wisdom

Sirius is the star of Christ consciousness and we associate the Christ with the Heart center. Since Sirius is known as the Dog Star (God Star), then the star Regulus (the Heart of the Lion, the Lawgiver) is the "lens," the regulator, of energy to the Earth, stimulating a response in humanity to express this consciousness of the heart, the quality we call love. The Soul is a synonymous word for love; Christ, the Heart consciousness.

Love is an action. Energy is just energy and we choose to react to its stimulation in various ways. Some could interpret this stimulation as a need to free themselves from a restriction by "forcing" another to their idea of freedom, or they may rise up against that which attempts to impinge on their freedom of choice. Regardless of the reaction, CHANGE and LOVE do happen, and EVOLUTION occurs.

Regulus sits at 29 degrees of the sign Leo. The sun passes through this area of the sky during the month of August every year. We know that the sun is the physical center of our solar system and amplifies the quality of the constellation in the sky it passes in front of, from the earth's view. Have you noticed that during the month of August, our world has undergone great changes? Almost exactly as the sun conjuncted the star Regulus on August 21, 1991, the communist party in the Soviet Union launched a coup against its "king," Gorbechov. The symbol of the Soviet Union was a hammer and a sickle, and remember, Regulus lies at the base of the sickle in the head of the Lion. Esoterically, a sickle is used to cut out or cut down that which hinders the application of Spiritual Law, and so hinders the flowering forth of the Soul.

An attempt was made then by a few individuals to cut out Gorbechov, who was promoting change, freedom and unity for the good of all. The Soul of Russia was transforming under his guidance. The intention by the few to control the many initally failed, but it did further catalyze the Soviet Union into a monumental transformation. The kings in the far east rose up against each other as Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait on August 2, 1990. Then in August 1992, he rose up again.

That same August, the conflict in Bosnia-Hersegovina appeared to be escalating into a world concern as the atrocities to basic human rights there were revealed. A draft treaty banning the use of chemical weapons during warfare was agreed upon by the United Nations on August 7, 1992; this treaty had been pending since 1968.

Mussolini joined forces with Hitler in August 1943, and the U.S. dropped the bomb on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. The freedom of the many was to be nonexistent under the rule of Hitler or Japan. It appears as though Regulus, the Lawgiver, may act as an emissary for the Divine Will.


A prophecy from an ancient book of wisdom:

A certain relationship or configuration of stars—of which one is the star Regulus, in Leo—will bring about a situation wherein the reorientation of the attitude of the legal profession will take place; its functions and duties will be centralized for the purpose of world usefulness, and in this process legislation for children will assume great importance and be the motivating power. This legal step will be primarily advocated by Russia and endorsed by the United States of America. Before 2035 A.D. such legislation will be universal in its sphere of influence and control.(**)
(Some of us may physically be here to witness this prophecy!)


It would be arrogant to believe Regulus exists only to influence humans and this earth. The ideas on the qualities of the star Regulus are undoubtedly only a minute piece of the infinite influences this great sun has on our Earth and the Universe.


"As Above, So Below."














My first public video on an idea as a possible solution to curing AIDS made in 1998- more specifically- destroying the virus itself using resonate frequencies- my purpose of video was to portray another method besides medicinal to tackle health issues- I believed I was original on this quest- thus- I felt it was my duty to make a video and tell people- I made copies of tapes and sent it to many TV stations including HIV or AIDS help houses in NYC Philadelphia and SAN Francisco- no one ever replied to me - not even a thank letter for even trying- I made video in 1998- I FOUND IN TIME I WAS NOT ORIGINAL ON IDEA - ROYAL RAYMOND RIFE (HELLO ENGLAND) WAS -THEREFORE I STOPPED-HOWEVER-I BELIEVE MY KNOWLEDGE OF A SPECTROMETER CAN HELP THOSE WHO CONTINUE IN THIS FIELD AS A DEVICE WHICH CAN HELP ISOLATE THE NEEDED FREQUENCIES FOR POSSIBLE VIRUS DESTRUCTION--I moved on as no support for this idea and continued with gravity experiments and of course the  lightning bolt and water for the energy crisis- << remember pagers and phone booths:) >>  Also- my messages from GOD began approximately 9 months from this video- thus- It was always my intention to give the words of GOD if that science would have been noticed- you can notice some tension in such as the gift and burden of a message I have carried- notice how I wrestle with stocks and money issue- I NEVER TOOK ANYTHING FROM ANYONE ON ANY EXPERIMENT-






 Freddie mercury and David bowie Under Pressure(1982) LOVE-LOVE-LOVE-

Freddie Mercury was born Farrokh Bulsara on the African island of Zanzibar, at the time a British colony, now part of Tanzania. His parents, Bomi Bulsara and Jer Bulsara, were Parsi-Zoroastrians from India.

Some scholars have suggested that Zoroastrianism was where the first prophet of a monotheistic faith arose, claiming Zoroastrianism as being "the oldest of the revealed credal religions, which has probably had more influence on mankind directly or indirectly, more than any other faith".

The ninth Iranian month is called Azar, meaning 'Atash' or fire. The guardianship of the month has been designated to a goddess known as Azar. Zoroastrians celebrate the ninth day of Azar with a festival known as 'Azargan'.

Fire was so important to them that they created a goddess for it. Sanctity of fire has an ancient origin. All the tribes on the earth have praised the fire. Progress made by the human race is dependent on fire, which also produces steam and electricity.

the following is a list of contacts I tried to stimulate for conversation on this possibility.

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> Subject: POSSIBLE CURE FOR AIDS????????
> Date: Sun, 6 Dec 1998 10:24:06 -0500
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> To whom it may concern:
> A possible cure for AIDS, or any virus? I sincerely hope so.
> My name is Sam Azar, the president of Unity Foundation Inc. I just
> formed a company to investigate an idea I thought of several months
> ago.
> It uses the principle of vibrational states particularly at resonance.
> This would be applied to a virus for its destruction.
> I only ask that you have some associates that are technically capable
> to understand the basics of physics, organic chemistry and biology to
> proof read what I am proposing in the idea code named PROJECT V20. Of
> course, the more technically capable the better. I have disclosed my
> entire idea on the Internet this very weekend ( for
> everyone to see.
> I want everyone (technically able) to help if they can or pursue on
> their own if they desire. We at Unity are not waiting for anyone to
> try.
> We are trying the best we can within our resources. I strongly believe
> there is something to be said about project v20. It must be tested.
> As
> you know, too many people are suffering from these dreaded diseases.
> Project V20 is a non-medicinal approach to combating viruses. That’s
> right, no drugs (well maybe testing concludes combination therapy).
> Again, please do not take this e-mail for granted. Please have a
> scientist review what I portray in the website. Also. I made a video
> of myself talking to some interested students about the idea. It is
> about 30 min long. More info. on the web site about that.
> I am not saying give up the drug method nor am I stating positively
> that what I propose will work. However, I will say that it is sound
> scientific principles, and just maybe, if we try hard enough, we can
> make it work. Thank you very much.
> If you believe in project V20 please link us for a short while
> Sincerely
> Sam Azar
> President, Unity Foundation Inc.
> The following is a segment from the website
> Wave of the Future?
> The following introduces a new approach on destroying viruses
> code named Project V20. It will be introduced in a very simple way
> for anyone to understand. We want not only the specialists of science
> to
> understand, but everyone. Before I began, I want to make perfectly
> clear now that I do not make any claims that the following will
> positively work. Ideally we, as with all researchers in virology
> are
> trying to do, is to either destroy the virus completely or
> partially
> to render it inoperable in the human body. We desire the same goal.
> What
> I will offer to the reader is a non medicinal method to that goal.
> Whether it will or will not work, only investigation and subsequent
> testing will reveal. I only want to convey my belief that this
> idea,
> as I strongly believe, must be looked into. With that said, I will
> now continue to convey my idea.
> It's all about vibrations. In a classical example of
> acoustical
> sound vibrations at a certain frequency, one can shatter a
> wineglass.
> However, only at a certain frequency and amplitude can one most
> efficiently shatter that glass. This frequency is called the
> resonant
> frequency. The sound vibrations carry energy in the form of
> momentum
> (carried by air) and collide with the glass. The glass will, abiding
> by
> the law of physics, react back to the initial energy or force.
> "For
> every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." At the resonant
> frequency the glass in our example will react with equal force and
> opposition to the initial force (not fully because of dampening
> and
> energy transfer losses.) However it will react, and at the resonant
> frequency it reacts the most efficiently.
> Almost every structure in the physical world has this
> property.
> Which is the property to have an internal or inherent "sweet spot",
> or shall we say ability to react most efficiently to external
> vibrating
> forces. Whether these external vibrating forces are sound on acting
> glass, or electromagnetic waves such as light.
> Light is an electromagnetic (EM) wave, it vibrates
> (oscillates)
> with characteristics almost analogously to sound waves, or even
> mechanical waves. EM waves oscillate with alternating electric and
> magnetic fields, thus the term electromagnetic wave. Our eyes,
> particularly the rods and cones, resonate efficiently more so in the
> electromagnetic spectrum we call visible light. We do not see radio
> waves, nor infrared waves (feel these as heat though as another form
> of resonance acting on the cell as a whole) or anywhere else in the EM
> spectrum. Please realize the EM spectrum is huge. From radio waves to
> gamma rays the interim is vast and there are some structures in the
> physical world which will react to a particular EM wave because of its
> particular shape externally or internally. Technology uses EM waves
> everyday at a resonant frequency to communicate "over the air." Is it
> not amazing how one particular frequency will only be received by one
> particular receiver which is in fact tuned to the resonant frequency.
> In radio or television antennae reception, the "inherent" structure in
> the receiver (which can be of several types) are "physically" tuned to
> that exact frequency. When one receives a page on their personal
> pager, the pager’s inherent properties (quartz crystal precisely cut
> to an exact predetermined shape / structure) only receives that
> frequency signal. If your pager was in a pile of one million pagers
> (with different receiver crystals,) only yours will activate to your
> particular frequency(some digital encoding however principle still
> applies).
> As a matter of fact on the back of your pager the frequency is
> probably stated; this is the resonate frequency of that crystal.
> Cordless phones usually display the resonant frequency on it also.
> By describing the preceding pager example, one can deduce that
> one can use a particular frequency to activate a particular
> shape/structure. This now leads us to our case. Using one particular
> frequency to "resonate" a virus as a whole structure, or components
> of the virus, and continue to resonant it with sufficiently high
> enough
> amplitude to destroy it. EM waves, or radiation, please understand
> these both are one in the same react with the body everyday. Our eyes
> resonant efficiently to the light portion of the EM spectrum.
> Infrared
> radiation sensed as heat by the whole body. Also ultraviolet rays
> which cause some cellular damage because of its high frequency. The
> higher the frequency, the higher the energy it carries.
> (technical note: E=hf, where E is the energy of the EM wave;
> h=6.626*10^-34 J*S or called Planck's constant; f=frequency of the EM
> wave expressed in hertz. Thus energy of an EM wave is proportional to
> the frequency).
> All of these are emitted by the sun naturally (others also but
> not mentioned). Unnaturally, technology has used radiation in
> medicine to help patients. Usually a broad spectrum of damaging rays,
> usually x-rays, are used to kill the tumor, but unfortunately also
> everything around it. X-rays are high frequency waves. Thus they are
> high energy
> waves. If the energy is too high as in x-rays , the energy has a
> tendency to disassociate the covalent bonds between the atoms.
> Ultraviolet/UV radiation is the 'cutoff" frequency on the EM spectrum
> that causes bond disassociation. That's why UV rays do cellular damage
> to the skin from its natural source of the sun. Thus, technology has
> already been applying radiation to "kill" structures (cancer /
> tumors)
> in the human body.
> <In order of frequency and thus energy from lowest energy to
> highest: - radio waves/ microwaves/
> infrared/ light/ UV-rays/ X-rays/ gamma-rays>
> However, though radio waves are less energetic than x rays, if
> you stand directly in front of a million watt radio tower transmitter,
> you will begin to heat up. Your not resonant to it, but some of it
> does get absorb. Thus if you turn up the amplitude on any frequency of
> any source, sound, or EM waves, it will eventually effect you or
> anything
> around it.
> We shall now go to the next logical step. Use an exact
> resonant frequency in the EM wave spectrum which will only react with
> the virus; nothing else in the human body( this is what investigation
> and testing
> will derive). We at the Unity Foundation believe this next step is
> very close to derive.
> How do we determine this resonant frequency of a particular
> structure( virus in our case )? We can approach it two ways, and both
> of them are performed today all the time. Method 1: By purely
> calculating mathematically through classical or quantum mechanics
> (the
> results are practically the same). A branch in organic chemistry,
> vibrational spectroscopy, utilizes these equations all the time to
> "predict" the absorbed or resonant frequencies of molecules small
> and
> large. This can be one method of deriving the resonant frequency.
> Method
> 2: To simply place the target(virus) in a device called a
> spectrometer.
> Again in the field of organic chemistry, these scientists are daily
> analyzing unknown chemicals with the use of this instrument.
> Essentially, what they do is to place the target sample between a
> radiation source and a detector. The radiation is varied incrementally
> as it "shines" or radiates on the target. Some wavelengths of
> frequency are absorbed, some are not. just like the colors you see
> everyday in life. If you see a red car, that car's red paint absorbs
> all the energy of the light spectrum except for red. The red
> wavelength or frequency is ignored. It is not absorbed. It is
> reflected away from the red paint and hits your eyes. You absorb it
> and say "hey, that is a red car". Thus, the detector in the
> spectrometer will record the absorbed and unabsorbed frequencies. In
> our case, we need to concentrate on the absorbed frequencies. One of
> them, we hope, will be unique to that virus and nothing else in the
> human body. If so, we radiate the body with a
> single(fundamental) frequency, or multiples of the fundamental.
> This
> is what we must do. We must at least try. (Note:There is a small
> chance that the resonant frequency is acoustical in nature. Because of
> the small size of the virus, an extremely high acoustic frequency is
> needed, at high acoustic frequencies in the human body, or any
> tissue, there is a phenomenon called cavitations. This is very
> destructive to the surrounding tissue. Thus, I feel it will probably
> be an EM wave). If it does not work, we try another approach. We as
> caring human beings, must try everything "under the sun" to solve this
> plague of mankind. There are too many people suffering.
> We at Unity are trying feverishly to apply this technology to
> the virus as a whole or components within the virus at a safe level to
> "shatter the virus like a wineglass."
> We sincerely hope the preceding was ample enough description
> to convey our direction. We at the Unity Foundation want more than
> ever, as you do, to eradicate this plague of mankind. May god
> enlighten you to secure knowledge for the betterment of mankind.
> Sincerely
> Sam S. Azar
> President of Unity Foundation Inc.--April 13 1998

actual photocopy of company profile made in 1998
> my very first company 'registered company ever- datasafe corporation- 1993 in Alberta canada
> *********************************************************************************


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