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here is a photocopy of my first "registered' US company- 1998-Unity Foundation inc.


On the Origin of Relativity

I have been trying to ask the public to spread this discovery so many will see it- for out of many a few select will understand- I have tried every possible angle to spread this- even religious to no avail- I have tried some fusion journals- but my system is completely new and not understood- I am the first human being to do this- thus- it will take time for the next and so forth- The day you have a positive frame of mind- you will understand this process- look at the stable plasma arc within the heavy water itself contained by all parameters in a pressurized vessel- my video is real- not fancy graphics- if I alone with junkyard parts can do this- what can a nuclear power plant and staff do with a spare reactor in their backyard? clean nuclear safe fusion right here- I dare you to prove me wrong- but it would be nice if you prove me right :)

- I am bewildered as to how many don't care- ENERGY IS THE KEY TO CIVILAZATION_PERIOD___will you do something about this? or must the global economy be destroyed before you care.

june 13-2008


if you want to save the world from global war and economic collapse from energy - email princeton plasma labs and force them to repeat my experiment as they are too arrogant to listen to the deed of an outsider- when my system proves true to save the world of greenhouse gases and clean energy for all nations- you will say- THANK GOD--

or the American energy department-


earlier work




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